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  • Casson towers and filtrations of the smooth knot concordance group 

    Ray, Arunima (2014-04-16)
    The 4-dimensional equivalence relation of concordance (smooth or topological) gives a group structure on the set of knots, under the connected-sum operation. The n-solvable filtration of the knot concordance group (denoted ...
  • Lower order solvability of links 

    Martin, Taylor (2013-09-16)
    The n-solvable filtration of the link concordance group, defined by Cochran, Orr, and Teichner in 2003, is a tool for studying smooth knot and link concordance that yields important results in low-dimensional topology. We ...
  • Obstructions to the Concordance of Satellite Knots 

    Franklin, Bridget (2012-09-05)
    Formulas which derive common concordance invariants for satellite knots tend to lose information regarding the axis a of the satellite operation R(a,J). The Alexander polynomial, the Blanchfield linking form, and Casson-Gordon ...