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    • Privacy Concerns in Android Advertising Libraries 

      Book, Theodore Rand (2014-01-27)
      This work investigates privacy characteristics of Android advertising libraries. Taking a sample of 114,000 apps, we extract and classify their ad libraries. We then seek to understand how they make use of sensitive user ...
    • Reducing fate sharing in software systems via fine-grained checkpoint and restore 

      Dong, Pu (2017-02-08)
      The client-server architecture is used widely throughout complex software systems, but is susceptible to the problem of fate sharing between its various internal components. Fate sharing is bad because the malfunction of ...
    • Separating Smartphone advertising from applications 

      Shekhar, Shashi (2012-09-05)
      A wide variety of smartphone applications today rely on third-party advertising services, which provide libraries that are linked into the hosting application. This situation is undesirable for both the application author ...