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    • Examining the Social Identity of Being a Muslim in the American Workplace 

      Cheng, Shannon (2019-08-29)
      Religion is often seen as a taboo and controversial topic in the workplace; however, it also plays an important role in many people’s lives. Over the past few decades, the religious landscape of the American workforce has ...
    • Expansive Identity 

      Jonson, Sophie (2015-04-23)
      The identity of a building type is historically, and remains largely, tied to program. Recognizable by functional use, residential, commercial and educational buildings acquire their identity from a concentration of, ...
    • Status Planning and Regional Identity: The Case of Osing in Banyuwangi, Indonesia 

      Wittke, Jonas (2019-04-03)
      Due to recent, state-sponsored language and status planning efforts, Osing (ISO 639-3: osi) is currently experiencing a renaissance, resulting in increased language use and the emergence of a new Osing identity. Osing has ...