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    • Low-Latency Massive MIMO Design over Practical Channels 

      Du, Xu (2019-08-26)
      With the emerging time-critical applications, low-latency communication is the focus of the next-generation wireless network, which is labeled as 5G. One of the key enabling technologies of 5G is massive MIMO or base-stations ...
    • Resource Allocation Models for Multi-Tiered Storage: Balancing System Efficiency and QoS 

      Wang, Hui (2015-11-12)
      Multi-tiered storage systems made up of combined Solid State Drives (SSDs) and Hard Disks (HDs) are becoming increasingly popular in shared data centers due to their favorable cost and performance characteristics. Meantime, ...
    • Reward Scheduling for QoS in Cloud Applications 

      Elnably, Ahmed (2012-09-05)
      The growing popularity of multi-tenant, cloud-based computing platforms is increasing interest in resource allocation models that permit flexible sharing of the underlying infrastructure. This thesis introduces a novel ...