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    • Asset Prices with Labor and Jump Risk 

      Zekhnini, Morad (2016-04-21)
      This dissertation investigates the asset pricing implications of labor-induced leverage and the incidence of jumps. Due to wage stickiness and firm-specific human capital, labor induces operating leverage that contributes ...
    • Essays on Capital and Personal Income Taxation 

      McKeehan, Margaret Katherine (2017-04-03)
      A principal consideration in evaluating any tax policy is the response of economic agents, which determines the economic costs and consequences of levying a tax. In three chapters, I study these responses both theoretically ...
    • Savage Arcadia: The American Romance in The Anthropocene 

      Carson, Joseph Thomas (2019-04-16)
      “Savage Arcadia: The American Romance in the Anthropocene” posits American writers of the romance have been writing about what we now call the Anthropocene, the geological epoch in which human activity becomes geographically ...