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    • Falling Still 

      Sedgwick, Daniel (2005)
      This piece explores combinations of different types of linearly developing patterns. These patterns are of three main varieties: first, strictly linear patterns; second, linear patterns with free surface variation; and ...
    • "Falling to peaces": Conciliatory agreements and the durability of peace 

      Mattes, Michaela (2006)
      States often experience disagreements such as competing territorial claims. Sometimes they attempt to address these differences by negotiating explicit, written settlements. Can these agreements help ensure a durable peace? ...
    • False Pop Out 

      Orsten, Kimberley D. (2015-06-22)
      A single, unique target often pops out quickly and efficiently from a field of homogenous distractors in visual search. Pop out has helped shape theories of visual attention and feature integration as well as to identify ...

      UBER, DAVID MERRILL (1977)
    • Fantastic Journeys: Resisting Growth in Golden Age Children's Novels 

      Elliott, Heather D (2014-04-11)
      During the Golden Age of children’s literature (1865-1914), authors both clung to the Romantic ideal of the innocent child and desired to acknowledge the child’s capacity for agency. This Romantic ideal of innocence was ...
    • Fantasy for violin and orchestra 

      Gehman, Scott Harwood (1981)
      Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra is written for solo violin, three flutes (alto flute), two oboes, two clarinets in B-flat, two horns in F, two trumpets in C, timpani, bass drum, two tom-toms, snare drum, cymbal, sizzle ...
    • Fantasy...In Dreams of Future Fulfillment: A composition for piano and violoncello. (Original composition); 

      Sarre, Russell Scott (1996)
      The title of this piece is derived from the following: "fantasy, in contradistinction to logic, which everyone should be able to follow, favours a lack of restraint and a freedom in the manner of expression, permissible ...


      LAU, KEI MAY (1981)
      Far-infrared photoconductivity from shallow donors in n-type InP was studied using Fourier transform spectroscopy. The 1s to 2p transition frequency was found to be 45.5 (+OR-) 0.2 cm('-1) in zero magnetic field. Spectral ...
    • Farm worker housing/tourist shelter in Napa Valley 

      Kuchkovsky, Michael Paul (2001)
      During the grape harvest that lasts for two months between late August to early November, over 3,000 migrant farm workers migrate to the Napa Valley. With less than a 1% vacancy rate in the area, they sleep in fields, cars ...
    • Fashion and the Shifting Semiotics of Sex and Gender in Modernist Lit and Culture 

      Rindell, Suzanne (2018-04-19)
      Early 20th century women’s fashion increasingly included the trope of “borrowing” – a trend that translated into women appropriating styles previously reserved for other subjectivities (children, men, athletes, blue-collar ...
    • Fashioning Slavery: Slaves and Clothing in the U.S. South, 1830–1865 

      Knowles, Katie (2014-04-24)
      This dissertation examines such varied sources as Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Eastman Johnson’s genre paintings, runaway advertisements, published narratives, plantation records, the WPA ex-slave narratives, and nearly thirty items ...
    • Fast algorithms for DFT and convolution 

      Merchant, Gulamabbas A. (1978)
      In this thesis, a detailed analysis of sufficient conditions for existence of unique multidimensional linear and multidimensional non-linear Index map has been presented, along with a new Index representation. The recent ...
    • Fast algorithms for total variation minimization with applications to image deconvolution and compressed sensing 

      Wang, Yilun (2007)
      This thesis presents two fast algorithms for total variation based image restoration. As an important branch of imaging sciences, image restoration aims to recover the original images from the degraded observations or ...
    • Fast Electron Spectroscopy of Enhanced Plasmonic Nanoantenna Resonances 

      Day, Jared K. (2014-07-31)
      Surface plasmons are elementary excitations of the collective and coherent oscillations of conductive band electrons coupled with photons at the surface of metals. Surface plasmons of metallic nanostructures can efficiently ...
    • Fast Fourier transforms for constrained data 

      Sorensen, Henrik Vittrup (1988)
      This thesis develops several new algorithms for computing the discrete Fourier transform (DFT). The work describes algorithms for which a set of constraints on the input or the output allow the DFT to be computed more ...
    • Fast neutrons around a 24 mev betatron 

      Ewing, Ronald Ira (1957)
    • Fat City (a post-movement manifesto) 

      Sheridan, Christian Nikirk (2005)
      The suburbs are making us fat. Fat is driving the suburbs. In an age when most things are measured by their efficient movement, suburban design spirals inward to a terminating node where stored equipment augments an ...
    • Fat facade: Vertical public space 

      Tankard, Jessica Hope (2011)
      This thesis proposes that the facade of a building, typically seen as a boundary, can become volumetric and inhabited with program. Shanghai's library, currently a sprawling, horizontal megaform, is reconfigured as a thin ...
    • Fatal attractions: The pleasures of spectacular terror 

      Husain, Asma (2010)
      Each spectacularly publicized terrorist event strengthens our fascination with death and destruction. Barricaded behind architectures of control, our anxieties and fears escalate. Rather than diminishing our dread, we watch ...