Rice University makes its graduate theses and dissertations available online at no cost to end users. These electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) cover the period from 1918, when the first dissertation was issued to H. E. Bray, through the most recently processed graduating year. Occasionally a thesis or dissertation may be be missing from the repository. If you are unable to find a specific dissertation, please let us know and we will attempt to make it available through the repository, provided that the author has not elected for it to be embargoed.

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  • Leibniz’s Early Metaphysics of Body ―From 1663 to 1686 

    Edamura, Shohei (2016-06-07)
    This dissertation aims at exploring the developmental story of the metaphysics of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716). I particularly focus upon the texts from 1663 to 1686: Leibniz wrote the Metaphysical Discussion on ...
  • A Multigrid Solver for Graph Laplacian Linear Systems on Power-Law Graphs 

    Buras, Eric (2016-05-17)
    The Laplacian matrix, L, of a graph, G, contains degree and edge information of a given network. Solving a Laplacian linear system Lx = b provides information about flow through the network, and in specific cases, how that ...
  • Narrow Line Cooling of 84Sr 

    Ding, Roger (2016-12-12)
    Laser cooling has become a powerful tool for producing quantum gases and has enabled the study of a wide range of phenomena only accessible at ultracold temperatures. This thesis will describe the implementation and ...
  • Synthesis, Characterization and Applications of Magnetic-Multimetallic Oxide Nanocrystals 

    Escalera Contreras, Gabriela (2016-04-29)
    Nanotechnology has had a great impact in several industries such as medical and electronics, and more recently in the oil and gas industry. In particular, magnetic nanoparticles are receiving great attention in the oil and ...
  • Light-Guide Snapshot Imaging Spectrometer for Biomedical Applications 

    Wang, Ye (2016-10-07)
    Fiber-based snapshot imaging spectrometer has found increasing potential of applications in the field of biomedical imaging these years. However, currently the technique’s spatial and spectral sampling still need improvement ...

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