Recent Submissions

  • The perceptual filtering of predictable coarticulation in exemplar memory 

    Manker, Jonathan (2020)
    Exemplar models of word representations have remained ambivalent or impressionistic as to precisely what veridical auditory information is stored in individual word exemplars. Earlier models (Johnson, 1997b) suggest all perceived information was stored in memory, whereas more recent proposals (Pierrehumbert, 2002; Goldinger, 2007) suggest some degree ...
  • Antonymous Adjectives in Disyllabic Lexical Compounds in Mandarin: A Cognitive Linguistics Perspective 

    Zhang, Yuan; Kemmer, Suzanne (2015)
    Corpus-based research into antonyms in English, Sweden and Japanese has gradually brought the lexical relation of antonymy into functional-cognitive linguistics in recent years. When antonymous adjectives are examined in Mandarin corpora, we find that they co-occur in both discontinuous constructions, for example, 既不热也不冷ji bure ye buleng, literally ...