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dc.contributor.authorSadananda Pai, Vinay
Schaffer, Alejandro A.
Varman, Peter J. 2015-09-15T17:59:26Z 2015-09-15T17:59:26Z 1994-06-06
dc.identifier.citation V. Sadananda Pai, A. A. Schaffer and P. J. Varman, "Markov analysis of multiple-disk prefetching strategies for external merging," vol. 128, no. 1-2, 1994.
dc.description.abstract Multiple-disk organizations can be used to improve the I/O performance of problems like external merging. Concurrency can be introduced by overlapping I/O requests at different disks and by prefetching additional blocks on each I/O operation. To support this prefetching, a memory cache is required. Markov models for two prefetching strategies are developed and analyzed. Closed-form expressions for the average parallelism obtainable for a given cache size and number of disks are derived for both prefetching strategies. These analytic results are confirmed by simulation.
dc.publisher Elsevier Science Publishers Ltd. Essex, UK
dc.title Markov analysis of multiple-disk prefetching strategies for external merging
dc.type Journal article
dc.citation.volumeNumber 128
dc.citation.issueNumber 1-2
dc.relation.project Theoretical Computer Science
dc.type.dcmi Text
dc.citation.firstpage 211
dc.citation.lastpage 239

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