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    • Graphene-carbon nanotube hybrid materials and use as electrodes 

      Tour, James M.; Zhu, Yu; Li, Lei; Yan, Zheng; Lin, Jian (2016-09-27)
      Provided are methods of making graphene-carbon nanotube hybrid materials. Such methods generally include: (1) associating a graphene film with a substrate; (2) applying a catalyst and a carbon source to the graphene film; ...
    • Growth of graphene films from non-gaseous carbon sources 

      Tour, James; Sun, Zhengzong; Yan, Zheng; Ruan, Gedeng; Peng, Zhiwei (2015-08-04)
      In various embodiments, the present disclosure provides methods of forming graphene films by: (1) depositing a non-gaseous carbon source onto a catalyst surface; (2) exposing the non-gaseous carbon source to at least one ...