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    • Fluorescent security ink using carbon nanotubes 

      Weisman, R. Bruce; Bachilo, Sergei M.; Booth, Eric Christopher (2010-03-23)
      The present invention is directed toward fluorescent inks and markers comprising carbon nanotubes. The present invention is also directed toward methods of making such inks and markers and to methods of using such inks and ...
    • Method for separating single-wall carbon nanotubes and compositions thereof 

      Smalley, Richard E.; Hauge, Robert H.; Kittrell, Carter W.; Sivarajan, Ramesh; Strano, Michael S.; Bachilo, Sergei M.; Weisman, R. Bruce (2006-07-11)
      The invention relates to a process for sorting and separating a mixture of (n, m) type single-wall carbon nanotubes according to (n, m) type. A mixture of (n, m) type single-wall carbon nanotubes is suspended such that the ...
    • Non-contact strain sensing of objects by use of single-walled carbon nanotubes 

      Weisman, R. Bruce; Withey, Paul A.; Bachilo, Sergei M.; Nagarajaiah, Satish; Vemuru, Venkata Srivishnu M. (2016-02-09)
      In some embodiments, the present invention provides methods of detecting strain associated with an object by: (1) irradiating a composition that has been applied to the object, where the composition comprises semiconducting ...