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    • Nanorice particles: hybrid plasmonic nanostructures 

      Wang, Hui; Brandl, Daniel; Le, Fei; Nordlander, Peter J.; Halas, Nancy J. (2010-09-07)
      A new hybrid nanoparticle, i.e., a nanorice particle, which combines the intense local fields of nanorods with the highly tunable plasmon resonances of nanoshells, is described herein. This geometry possesses far greater ...
    • Nonconcentric nanoshells with offset core in relation to shell and method of using the same 

      Halas, Nancy J.; Wang, Hui; Nordlander, Peter J.; Wu, Yanpeng (2012-05-15)
      A nanoparticle comprising a shell surrounding a core material with a lower conductivity than the shell material, wherein the core center is offset in relation to the shell center. A method comprising providing a nanoparticle ...