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    • Facile purification of carbon nanotubes with liquid bromine at room temperature 

      Mackeyev, Yuri; Wilson, Lon J. (2012-03-06)
      A method of removing metal impurities from carbon nanotubes includes treating carbon nanotubes with distilled bromine in a substantially oxygen- and water-free atmosphere and then removing the distilled bromine from the ...
    • Fullerene compositions and methods for photochemical purification 

      Alvarez, Pedro J. J.; Lee, Jaesang; Wilson, Lon J.; Mackeyev, Yuri; Kim, Jaehong (2014-03-25)
      In various embodiments, the present disclosure describes fullerene derivatives that are capable of photocatalytically generating reactive oxygen species in the presence of ultraviolet and/or visible light. In some embodiments, ...