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    • Metal-exchanged carboxylato-alumoxanes and process of making metal-doped alumina 

      Kareiva, Aivaras; Bai, Chuansheng; Harlan, Charles Jeffrey; MacQueen, David Brent; Barron, Andrew R.; Cook, Ronald L. (2001-03-27)
      A method has been developed for the solution-based metal exchange of carboxylato-alumoxanes [Al(O)x (OH)y (O2 CR)z ]n with a wide range of metal cations. Metal-exchanged carboxylato-alumoxanes are new, particularly those ...
    • Methods and materials for fabrication of alumoxane polymers 

      Cook, Ronald L.; Barron, Andrew R.; Gleason, Kevin Joseph; MacQueen, David Brent; Siparsky, Georgette Laila; Koide, Yoshihiro; Vogelson, Cullen Taylor (2002-04-09)
      A composition of matter, comprising: a chemically functionalized carboxylate-alumoxane that is functionalized with a chemically reactive substituent, and a reactive compound, wherein the chemically reactive substituent ...