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    • Bulk cutting of carbon nanotubes using electron beam irradiation 

      Ziegler, Kirk J.; Rauwald, Urs; Hauge, Robert H.; Schmidt, Howard K.; Smalley, Richard E.; Kittrell, Carter W.; Gu, Zhenning (2013-09-24)
      According to some embodiments, the present invention provides a method for attaining short carbon nanotubes utilizing electron beam irradiation, for example, of a carbon nanotube sample. The sample may be pretreated, for ...
    • Fluorination of polymeric C.sub.60 

      Margrave, John L.; Khabashesku, Valery N.; Gu, Zhenning; Davydov, Valery Aleksandrovich; Rakhmanina, Aleksandra Viktorovna; Kashevarova, Lyudmile Stepanovna (2006-10-17)
      The present invention is directed towards the fluorination of polymeric C60 and towards the chemical and physical modifications of polymeric C60 that can be accomplished through fluorination.
    • Gas-phase process for purifying single-wall carbon nanotubes and compositions thereof 

      Smalley, Richard E.; Hauge, Robert H.; Chiang, Wan-Ting; Yang, Yuemei; Smith, Kenneth A.; Kittrell, Carter W.; Gu, Zhenning (2006-08-15)
      The present invention relates to an all gas-phase process for the purification of single-wall carbon nanotubes and the purified single-wall carbon nanotube material. Known methods of single-wall carbon nanotube production ...
    • Method for cutting single-wall carbon nanotubes through fluorination 

      Margrave, John L.; Gu, Zhenning; Hauge, Robert H.; Smalley, Richard E. (2006-04-18)
      A method for cutting single-wall carbon nanotubes involves partially fluorinating single-wall carbon nanotubes and pyrolyzing the partially fluorinated nanotubes in an inert atmosphere or vacuum up to about 1000° C. The ...