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    • Solvent-based methods for production of graphene nanoribbons 

      Tour, James M.; Lu, Wei; Genorio, Bostjan (2016-11-15)
      The present invention provides methods of preparing functionalized graphene nanoribbons. Such methods include: (1) exposing a plurality of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to an alkali metal source in the presence of an aprotic ...
    • Synthesis of magnetic carbon nanoribbons and magnetic functionalized carbon nanoribbons 

      Tour, James M.; Genorio, Bostjan; Lu, Wei; Price-hoelscher, Brandi Katherine (2016-09-20)
      Various embodiments of the present disclosure pertain to methods of making magnetic carbon nanoribbons. Such methods generally include: (1) forming carbon nanoribbons by splitting carbon nanomaterials; and (2) associating ...