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    • Fluorination of polymeric C.sub.60 

      Margrave, John L.; Khabashesku, Valery N.; Gu, Zhenning; Davydov, Valery Aleksandrovich; Rakhmanina, Aleksandra Viktorovna; Kashevarova, Lyudmile Stepanovna (2006-10-17)
      The present invention is directed towards the fluorination of polymeric C60 and towards the chemical and physical modifications of polymeric C60 that can be accomplished through fluorination.
    • Method for preparation of new superhard B-C-N material and material made therefrom 

      Khabashesku, Valery N.; Filonenko, Vladimir P.; Davydov, Valery Aleksandrovich (2013-05-28)
      According to some embodiments, a method of preparing a superhard material involves using mixtures of boron with carbon nitride of C3N4 stoichiometry as precursors. The C3N4 may be nanospherical. The result of chemical ...