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    • Dehydro-estriol (8-DHE3) and dehydro-pregnanetriol (7-DHPT)- methods of their synthesis 

      Shackleton, Cedric; Guo, Li-Wei; Wilson, William K. (2006-09-12)
      The invention provides isolated dehydro-estriol (8-DHE3) and dehydro-pregnanetriol (7-DHPT), and methods of their synthesis. These compounds are useful in diagnosis of Smith-Lemli-Optiz syndrome (SLOS).
    • Derivatives of uncialamycin, methods of synthesis and their use as antitumor agents 

      Nicolaou, Kyriacos C.; Lu, Min; Mandal, Debashis; Gangwar, Sanjeev; Chowdari, Naidu S; Poudel, Yam B. (2017-10-03)
      In one aspect, the present disclosure provides new analogs of uncialamycin of formulae (I) and (II). The present disclosure also provides novel synthetic pathways to obtaining uncialamycin and analogs thereof. Additionally, ...
    • Dermis-derived cells for tissue engineering applications 

      Athanasiou, Kyriacos A.; Deng, Ying; Hu, Jerry (2014-01-28)
      Methods for inducing differentiation of dermis-derived cells to serve as a source of chondrocytes and associated methods of use in forming tissue engineered constructs. One example of a method is a method for inducing ...
    • Designing synthetic biological circuits using optimality and nonequilibrium thermodynamics 

      Nagrath, Deepak; Avila-Elchiver, Marco; Yarmush, Martin (2013-08-06)
      In general, the invention relates to a method for designing a biological circuit. The method includes obtaining a target circuit objective for the biological circuit, determining an objective function corresponding to the ...
    • Device and method for modulating transmission of terahertz waves 

      Xu, Quinfan; Shu, Jie; Mittleman, Daniel M.; Qiu, Ciyuan (2015-08-11)
      A device for modulating terahertz waves includes a metal layer (703) including a continuous metal portion (705) and island metal portions (707). The metal portions (705, 707) are separated by apertures (709). The device ...
    • Device for generating RF energy from electromagnetic radiation of another form such as light 

      Freeman, John W., Jr. (1984-06-05)
      A device for generating RF energy from electromagnetic radiation of another form, such as light, includes an emitter responsive to the electromagnetic radiation for producing a beam of charged particles, an electrode spaced ...
    • Digital computer register allocation and code spilling using interference graph coloring 

      Briggs, Preston P.; Cooper, Keith D.; Kennedy Jr., Kenneth W.; Torczon, Linda M. (1993-09-28)
      A method is disclosed for allocating internal machine registers in a digital computer for use in storing values defined and referenced by a computer program. An allocator in accordance with the present invention constructs ...
    • Dispersions and solutions of fluorinated single-wall carbon nanotubes 

      Margrave, John L.; Mickelson, Edward T.; Hauge, Robert H.; Boul, Peter; Huffman, Chad; Liu, Jie; Smalley, Richard E.; Smith, Kenneth A.; Colbert, Daniel T. (2004-12-07)
      This invention is directed to making chemical derivatives of carbon nanotubes and to uses for the derivatized nanotubes, including making arrays as a basis for synthesis of carbon fibers. In one embodiment, this invention ...
    • Dissolution of graphite, graphite and graphene nanoribbons in superacid solutions and manipulation thereof 

      Tour, James M.; Pasquali, Matteo; Behabtu, Natnael; Lomeda, Jay R.; Kosynkin, Dmitry V.; Duque, Amanda; Green, Micah J.; Parra-vasquez, A. Nicholas; Young, Colin (2017-01-03)
      Methods for dissolving carbon materials such as, for example, graphite, graphite oxide, oxidized graphene nanoribbons and reduced graphene nanoribbons in a solvent containing at least one superacid are described herein. ...
    • Diterpene-producing unicellular organism 

      Matsuda, Seiichi P. T.; Hart, Elizabeth A. (2007-07-03)
      The present invention is directed to a unicellular organism system, such as a yeast, for producing geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate and a diterpene in vivo. The yeast cell preferably comprises an inducible nucleic acid sequence ...
    • Dual channel Wi-Fi for congested WLANs with asymmetric traffic loads 

      Flores Miranda, Adriana B.; Knightly, Edward W. (2017-11-14)
      A method of wireless local area network communication between a client and an access point includes sending, by the client, a client-originated message to the access point over a bidirectional upload channel; receiving, ...
    • Dual-ring silicon electro-optic modulator 

      Xu, Qianfan (2013-11-12)
      A device, system, and method for the electro-optic modulation of light. The device includes a substrate having a first ring waveguide and a second ring waveguide on the surface. The device includes a first p-doped region ...
    • Dynamic strain hardening in polymer nanocomposites 

      Ajayan, Pulickel M.; Carey, Brent Joseph (2016-06-07)
      The present invention provides methods of strengthening composites. In some embodiments, such methods generally comprise a step of applying a dynamic stress to the composite in order to increase at least one of the stiffness ...
    • Electric arc process for making fullerenes 

      Smalley, Richard E.; Haufler, Robert E. (1993-07-13)
      This invention provides a method of generating fullerenes by vaporizing carbon with the heat from an electrical arc and then condensing a soot from which fullerenes may be recovered.
    • Electrical conductors comprising single-wall carbon nanotubes 

      Smalley, Richard E.; Colbert, Daniel T.; Guo, Ting; Rinzler, Andrew G.; Nikolaev, Pavel; Thess, Andreas (2005-11-29)
      The present invention concerns electrical conductors comprising armchair single-wall carbon nanotubes. Such electrical conductors made by the invention are metallic, i.e., they will conduct electrical charges with a ...
    • Electrical device fabrication from nanotube formations 

      Nicholas, Nolan Walker; Kittrell, Carter W.; Kim, Myung Jong; Schmidt, Howard K. (2013-03-12)
      A method for forming nanotube electrical devices, arrays of nanotube electrical devices, and device structures and arrays of device structures formed by the methods. Various methods of the present invention allow creation ...
    • Electricity generation using electromagnetic radiation 

      Halas, Nancy J.; Nordlander, Peter; Neumann, Oara (2017-08-22)
      In general, in one aspect, the invention relates to a system to create vapor for generating electric power. The system includes a vessel comprising a fluid and a complex and a turbine. The vessel of the system is configured ...
    • Electrodes with three dimensional current collectors and methods of making the same 

      Galande, Charudatta; Singh, Neelam; Khatiwada, Suman; Ajayan, Pulickel M. (2017-02-14)
      In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to methods of forming electrodes on a surface. In some embodiments, the formed electrodes have a three-dimensional current collector layer. In some embodiments, the ...
    • Electron spin resonance for medical imaging 

      Yang, Xuebei; Chen, Charles; Seifi, Payam; Babakhani, Aydin (2018-01-02)
      A method includes generating, from an integrated oscillator circuit, an oscillating output signal and generating, by an integrated power amplifier (PA) circuit, an amplified oscillating output signal based on the oscillating ...
    • Electronic devices containing switchably conductive silicon oxides as a switching element and methods for production and use thereof 

      Tour, James M.; Yao, Jun; Natelson, Douglas; Zhong, Lin; He, Tao (2015-09-08)
      In various embodiments, electronic devices containing switchably conductive silicon oxide as a switching element are described herein. The electronic devices are two-terminal devices containing a first electrical contact ...