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    • Nonconcentric nanoshells with offset core in relation to shell and method of using the same 

      Halas, Nancy J.; Wang, Hui; Nordlander, Peter J.; Wu, Yanpeng (2012-05-15)
      A nanoparticle comprising a shell surrounding a core material with a lower conductivity than the shell material, wherein the core center is offset in relation to the shell center. A method comprising providing a nanoparticle ...
    • Noninvasive tissue assessment 

      Liebschner, Michael A. K. (2008-10-14)
      Methods and apparatus for non-invasively assessing physiological hard of soft tissue of human and other species are described. In a preferred embodiment, tissue is vibrationally stimulated in vivo through a frequency ...
    • Nucleophilic porous carbon materials for CO2 and H2S capture 

      Tour, James M.; Hwang, Chih-chau; Schipper, Desmond E. (2017-03-28)
      In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to methods of capturing a gas from an environment by associating the environment (e.g., a pressurized environment) with a porous carbon material that comprises a plurality ...
    • Optically-absorbing nanoparticles for enhanced tissue repair 

      West, Jennifer L.; Drezek, Rebekah; Sershen, Scott R.; Halas, Nancy J. (2004-02-03)
      This invention is generally in the field of improved methods for the localized delivery of heat and the use thereof for the repair of tissue. The method involves localized induction of hyperthermia in tissue or materials ...
    • Optically-active nanoparticles for use in therapeutic and diagnostic methods 

      West, Jennifer L.; Halas, Nancy J.; Hirsch, Leon R. (2003-03-11)
      This invention is generally in the field of improved methods for the localized delivery of heat and the localized imaging of biological materials. The delivery may be in vitro or in vivo and is useful for the localized ...
    • Oral cancer point of care diagnostics 

      Mcdevitt, John T.; Christodoulides, Nicolaos; Floriano, Pierre N.; Thornhill, Martin; Redding, Spencer; Vigneswaran, Nadarajah; Murdoch, Craig; Speight, Paul (2017-01-03)
      A point of care diagnostic test, device and disposables for determining a patient risk for oral cancer in the same visit that a sample is collected.
    • Organic acid-Fe-OOH (ferroxane) particles and ferroxane-derived ceramics and ceramic membranes 

      Rose, Jerome; Wiesner, Mark Robert; Barron, Andrew R. (2004-08-03)
      The present invention relates to ferroxanes and a method of making wherein a ferroxane may be defined by the general formula [Fe(O)x(OH)y(O2CR)z]n wherein x, y and z may be any integer or fraction such that 2x+y+z=3 and n ...
    • Oriented nanofibers embedded in a polymer matrix 

      Barrera, Enrique V.; Rodriguez-Macias, Fernando J.; Lozano, Karen; Chibante, Luis Paulo Felipe; Stewart, David Harris (2011-03-01)
      A method of forming a composite of embedded nanofibers in a polymer matrix is disclosed. The method includes incorporating nanofibers in a plastic matrix forming agglomerates, and uniformly distributing the nanofibers by ...
    • Ozonation of carbon nanotubes in fluorocarbons 

      Ziegler, Kirk J.; Shaver, Jonah; Hauge, Robert H.; Marek, Irene Morin (2008-12-30)
      The present invention is generally directed to methods of ozonating CNTs in fluorinated solvents (fluoro-solvents), wherein such methods provide a less dangerous alternative to existing ozonolysis methods. In some embodiments, ...
    • Pantothenate kinase overexpression and pantothenic acid supplementation in actinomycetes 

      Lee, Hei Chan; Sohng, Jae Kyung; San, Ka-Yiu (2012-03-27)
      The invention relates to the synthesis of polyketides in Actinomycetes by overexpression of pantothenate kinase and supplementation with pantothenic acid. This results in increasing in vivo CoA production and thereby drives ...
    • Paper based spectrophotometric detection of blood hemoglobin concentration 

      Yan, Jasper S.; Bond, Meaghan McNeill; Wright, John Neil; Elguea, Carlos; Richards-Kortum, Rebecca R. (2014-05-20)
      The present disclosure relates to the use of a paper medium to measure blood hemoglobin concentration. In certain embodiments, spectrophotometric techniques are used to measure light transmission at specified wavelengths ...
    • Partial coverage metal nanoshells and method of making same 

      Halas, Nancy J.; Bradley, Robert K. (2003-12-09)
      Metal Nanoshells having partial coverage of a substrate or core particle and methods of making them are provided. A method of making a partial metal nanoshell preferably includes asymmetrically confining a substrate particle ...
    • Patterned graphite oxide films and methods to make and use same 

      Ajayan, Pulickel M.; Pradhan, Bhabendra K.; Gao, Wei (2016-04-12)
      The present invention relates to patterned graphite oxide films and methods to make and use same. The present invention includes a novel strategy developed to imprint any required conductive patterns onto self-assembled ...
    • Peptide-modified polyurethane compositions and associated methods 

      West, Jennifer L.; Jun, Ho-wook; Taite, Lakeshia J. (2014-07-29)
      Peptide-modified polyurethanes comprising the reaction product of an isocyanate, a chain extender, and a peptide are provided. Also provided processes for making a peptide-modified polyurethane comprising: providing an ...
    • Photocrosslinking of diethyl fumarate/poly(propylene fumarate) biomaterials 

      Fisher, John P.; Mikos, Antonios G. (2004-06-22)
      A polymer network formed by crosslinking poly(propylene fumarate) with a fumarate derivative. The fumarate derivative is one in which the PPF is soluble, is preferably an alkyl fumarate, and is more preferably selected ...
    • Piezo activated mode tracking system for widely tunable mode-hop-free external cavity mid-IR semiconductor lasers 

      Wysocki, Gerard; Tittel, Frank K.; Curl, Robert F. (2010-06-08)
      A widely tunable, mode-hop-free semiconductor laser operating in the mid-IR comprises a QCL laser chip having an effective QCL cavity length, a diffraction grating defining a grating angle and an external cavity length ...
    • Plasmon induced hot carrier device, method for using the same, and method for manufacturing the same 

      Knight, Mark William; Khakestar, Heidar Sobhani; Nordlander, Peter; Halas, Nancy J. (2015-12-01)
      In general, the invention relates to a unit that includes a semiconductor and a plasmonic material disposed on the semiconductor, where a potential barrier is formed between the plasmonic material and the semiconductor. ...
    • Poly(Propylene Fumarate) cross linked with Poly(Ethylene Glycol) 

      He, Shulin; Yaszemski, Michael J.; Mikos, Antonios G. (2002-05-07)
      New injectable, in situ crosslinkable biodegradable polymer composites comprise poly(propylene fumarate) (PPF), poly(ethylene glycol)-dimethacrylate (PEG-DMA), an, optionally, β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP). A method for ...
    • Polyamide composites having flexible spacers 

      Moniruzzaman, Mohammad; Winey, Karen I.; Chattopadhyay, Jayanta; Billups, Edward W. (2014-08-26)
      Provided are polyamide nanocomposites incorporating carbon nanotubes and other filler species. Also provided are related methods.
    • Polymer / carbon-nanotube interpenetrating networks and process for making same 

      Armeniades, Constantine D.; Barrera, Enrique V.; Kim, Jong Dae (2011-05-10)
      The present invention is directed to new methods for combining, processing, and modifying existing materials, resulting in novel products with enhanced mechanical, electrical and electronic properties. The present invention ...