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    • Methods of controllably forming bernal-stacked graphene layers 

      Tour, James M.; Sun, Zhengzong; Raji, Abdul-rahman O. (2018-08-21)
      Methods of controllably forming Bernal-stacked graphene layers are disclosed. The methods comprise: (1) cleaning a surface of a catalyst; (2) annealing the surface of the catalyst; (3) applying a carbon source onto the ...
    • Methods of preventing corrosion of surfaces by application of energy storage-conversion devices 

      Galande, Charudatta; Singh, Neelam; Khatiwada, Suman; Ajayan, Pulickel M. (2017-05-02)
      The present disclosure pertains to methods of protecting a surface (e.g., a metal surface) from corrosion by conformably attaching a hybrid device comprising at least one multilayer energy storage device and at least one ...
    • Methods of producing graphene quantum dots from coal and coke 

      Tour, James M.; Ye, Ruquan; Xiang, Changsheng; Lin, Jian; Peng, Zhiwei; Ceriotti, Gabriel (2018-03-20)
      In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to methods of making graphene quantum dots from a carbon source (e.g., coal, coke, and combinations thereof) by exposing the carbon source to an oxidant. In some ...
    • Methods of suppressing fibrosis and fibrocyte formation 

      Gomer, Richard; Pilling, Darrell (2010-02-23)
      The present invention relates to the ability of SAP to suppress the differentiation of monocytes into fibrocytes. It also relates to the ability of IL-12, laminin-1, cross-linked IgG and IgG aggregates to suppress the ...
    • Methods, systems and membranes for separation of organic compounds from liquid samples 

      Barron, Andrew R.; Maguire-boyle, Samuel J. (2016-01-26)
      Various aspects of the present invention pertain to porous membranes that comprise: (1) a plurality of pores with pore sizes of more than about 0.1 μm in diameter; and (2) a plurality of hydrophilic molecules. Additional ...
    • Microaerobic cultures for converting glycerol to chemicals 

      Gonzalez, Ramon; Campbell, Paul (2014-04-08)
      Glycerol or other reduced carbon sources may be used as a feedstock for the microbial production of chemical products under certain microaerobic conditions. For example, such production may occur under microaerobic or ...
    • Micromechanical devices for materials characterization 

      Lou, Jun; Ganesan, Yogeeswaran; Lu, Yang; Peng, Cheng (2011-11-15)
      The present disclosure describes micromechanical devices and methods for using such devices for characterizing a material's strength. The micromechanical devices include an anchor pad, a top shuttle platform, a nanoindenter ...
    • Microorganisms and methods for their use 

      Gustin, Michael C. (1996-08-13)
      A novel group of mutant yeasts and novel methods for selecting and using the mutant microorganisms are set out. A novel process for using the mutant yeasts to produce fermentation products with a lower than usual glycerol ...
    • Miniaturized direct digital-to-impulse radar sensors in silicon 

      Assefzadeh, Mahdi M.; Babakhani, Aydin (2019-03-05)
      A radar system may comprise a trigger, driver, switching circuit, and antenna for generating an ultra-short impulse without utilizing an oscillator. A radar imaging system for imaging a formation or a cross section of a ...
    • Modulation cancellation method in laser spectroscopy 

      Kosterev, Anatoliy A.; Curl, Robert F. (2011-08-30)
      Novel methods and laser spectroscopic systems for accurately measuring the concentration of compounds are disclosed herein. The disclosed methods utilize a modulation cancellation technique resulting in a significantly ...
    • Multi-hierarchical self-assembly of a collagen mimetic peptide 

      Hartgerink, Jeffrey D.; O'leary, Lesley R. (2016-01-05)
      The present disclosure generally relates to collagen, and more particularly compositions and methods related to collagen-mimetic peptides. More specifically, the present disclosure provides a collagen-mimetic peptide and ...
    • Multi-layer nanoshells comprising a metallic or conducting shell 

      Halas, Nancy J.; Radloff, Corey J. (2006-12-05)
      Composite particles containing metallic shell layers are provided. The particles may include a coating layer, such as of a protective or electrically non-conducting material, over an outermost metallic shell layer. The ...
    • Multi-step purification of single-wall carbon nanotubes 

      Hauge, Robert H.; Xu, Ya-Qiong; Peng, Haiqing; Smalley, Richard E.; Marek, Irene Morin (2010-03-02)
      The present invention relates to processes for the purification of single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNTs). Known methods of single-wall carbon nanotube production result in a single-wall carbon nanotube product that contains ...
    • Multidomain peptides for promoting angiogenesis 

      Hartgerink, Jeffrey Dale; Kumar, Vivek Ashok (2016-12-27)
      The present disclosure provides a composition comprising a multi-domain peptide capable of self-assembly into a nanofibrous hydrogel structure capable of stimulating a robust angiogenic response. In one embodiment, the ...
    • Multimetallic nanoshells for monitoring chemical reactions 

      Heck, Kimberly Nadia; Halas, Nancy J.; Wong, Michael S. (2013-12-10)
      The invention relates to a multimetallic nanoshell sensor which comprises a core that is less conductive that a first metallic layer and having a catalytically active second metallic layer partially or completely surrounding ...
    • Multiplexed in situ molecular analyses and programmable molecular probes for regulated single amplification 

      Diehl, Michael; Zimak, Jan; Schweller, Ryan; Samson, Edward B.; Duose, Dzifa Y. (2018-12-11)
      The present invention generally relates to methods for detecting a target in a sample; methods for modulating the reporting intensity of a labeled target in a sample of fixed cells or tissues; methods for detecting the ...
    • Multisample bionanochip platform 

      Mcdevitt, John; Christodoulidies, Nicolaos; Floriano, Pierre N.; Abram, Tim (2016-02-02)
      A bionanochip cartridge for analysis of multiple samples or analytes is provided herein, and the cartridge is dimensioned to take advantage of existing robotic microtiter plate handling equipment. Fluidics are specially ...
    • Mutant E. coli strain with increased succinic acid production 

      San, Ka-Yiu; Bennett, George N.; Sánchez, Ailen (2010-09-07)
      The invention relates to a mutant strain of bacteria, which either lacks or contains mutant genes for several key metabolic enzymes, and which produces high amounts of succinic acid under anaerobic conditions.
    • Mutant E. coli strain with increased succinic acid production 

      San, Ka-Yiu; Bennett, George N.; Sánchez, Ailen (2007-05-29)
      The invention relates to a mutant strain of bacteria, which either lacks or contains mutant genes for several key metabolic enzymes, and which produces high amounts of succinic acid under anaerobic conditions.
    • Nano-encapsulated triggered-release viscosity breaker 

      Rana, Rohit K.; Murthy, Vinit S.; Wong, Michael S.; Norman, Lewis R. (2015-06-30)
      A method for the encapsulation and triggered-release of water-soluble or water-dispersible materials. The method comprises a) providing an amount of electrolyte having a charge, b) providing an amount of counterion having ...