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    • Interferometric imaging system and method 

      Mittleman, Daniel M.; Johnson, Jon L. (2003-12-16)
      A broadband imaging system is disclosed that provides greatly enhanced depth resolution through the use of phase shift interferometry. The system may comprise a transmitter, a splitter, a phase inverter, and a receiver. ...
    • Intergrated electron spin resonance spectrometer 

      Yang, Xuebei; Chen, Charles; Seifi, Payam; Babakhani, Aydin (2017-06-27)
      An integrated electron spin resonance (ESR) circuit chip includes a chip substrate, a transmitter circuit, and a receiver circuit. The transmitter circuit and receiver circuit are disposed on the chip substrate. The ...
    • Intra-operative 3-D reconstruction of bone cement boli using X-rays 

      Liebschner, Michael A. K.; Templeton, Alistair (2009-09-29)
      The present invention provides method of generating a 3-D image of at least one cement bolus in relation to a bone comprising acquiring a plurality of fluoroscopic images of the bolus during or after a bone cement injection ...
    • Lactose repressor proteins with increased operator DNA binding affinity 

      Matthews, Kathleen S.; Foster, Catherine M.; Swint-kruse, Liskin (2008-06-24)
      The present invention provides altered lac repressor proteins that recognize the lactose operator with increased affinity and have either normal or enhanced ligand responsivity. For example, the lac repressor Gln60Gly ...
    • Large scale microbial culture method 

      Segueilha, Laurent; San, Ka-Yiu; Bennett, George N.; Martinez, Irene (2013-07-16)
      A new culture method for producing high levels of a metabolite, such as succinic acid uses oxygen rich culture without pH adjustment to increase the biomass, acclimation in under oxygen lean conditions having
    • Layer-by-layer removal of graphene 

      Tour, James M.; Dimiev, Ayrat M.; Kosynkin, Dmitry V. (2015-04-14)
      The present invention provides methods of selectively removing one or more graphene layers from a graphene material by: (1) applying a metal to a surface of the graphene material; and (2) applying a hydrogen containing ...
    • Length-based liquid-liquid extraction of carbon nanotubes using a phase transfer catalyst 

      Ziegler, Kirk J.; Schmidt, Daniel J.; Hauge, Robert H.; Smalley, Richard E.; Marek, Irene Morin (2009-08-25)
      The present invention is generally directed to new liquid-liquid extraction methods for the length-based separation of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and other 1-dimensional nanostructures. In some embodiments, such methods are ...
    • Liquid crystals from single-walled carbon nanotube polyelectrolytes and their use for making various materials 

      Marti-arbona, Angel A.; Jiang, Chengmin; Saha, Avishek; Pasquali, Matteo; Young, Colin (2016-02-02)
      In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to methods of forming a solution of single-walled carbon nanotube polyelectrolytes in a liquid crystalline phase. In some embodiments, such methods comprise: (a) providing ...
    • Long chain organic acid bioproduction 

      Bennett, George N.; Cai, Xianpeng (2018-01-02)
      Method of cell culture, comprising adding a redox active compound with a redox potential of between −0.116 to −0.253 to a culture capable of forming hydrogen via a hydrogenase so that the redox potential is diverted from ...
    • Longitudinal electromagnetic levitator 

      Bayazitoglu, Yildiz; Shampine, Rod W. (1999-03-23)
      An electromagnetic levitator is disclosed, comprising: a plurality of longitudinal sections formed from a conducting material and arranged around a longitudinal axis. The longitudinal sections are connected to a power ...
    • Macromonomers and hydrogels 

      Mikos, Antonios G.; Hacker, Michael C. (2013-01-08)
      Macromonomers capable of both physical crosslinking and chemical crosslinking. The combination of chemical crosslinking and physical crosslinking provides the ability to generate rapidly gelling hydrogels for many different ...
    • Macroscopic ordered assembly of carbon nanotubes 

      Smalley, Richard E.; Colbert, Daniel T.; Smith, Kenneth A.; Walters, Deron A.; Casavant, Michael J.; Huffman, Chad; Yakobson, Boris I.; Hauge, Robert H.; Saini, Rajesh Kumar; Chiang, Wan-Ting (2004-09-14)
      The present invention is directed to the creation of macroscopic materials and objects comprising aligned nanotube segments. The invention entails aligning single-wall carbon nanotube (SWNT) segments that are suspended in ...
    • Macroscopically manipulable nanoscale devices made from nanotube assemblies 

      Colbert, Daniel T.; Dai, Hongjie; Hafner, Jason H.; Rinzler, Andrew G.; Smalley, Richard E.; Liu, Jie; Smith, Kenneth A.; Guo, Ting; Nikolaev, Pavel; Thess, Andreas (2011-06-14)
      This invention relates generally to cutting single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNT). In one embodiment, the present invention provides for preparations of homogeneous populations of short carbon nanotube molecules by cutting ...
    • Macroscopically manipulable nanoscale devices made from nanotube assemblies 

      Colbert, Daniel T.; Dai, Hongjie; Hafner, Jason H.; Rinzler, Andrew G.; Smalley, Richard E.; Liu, Jie; Smith, Kenneth A.; Guo, Ting; Nikolaev, Pavel; Thess, Andreas (2006-05-23)
      Macroscopically manipulable nanoscale devices made from nanotube assemblies are disclosed. The article of manufacture comprises a macroscopic mounting element capable of being manipulated or observed in a macroscale ...
    • Magnetic purification of a sample 

      Colvin, Vicki L.; Yavuz, Cafer Tayyar; Mayo, John Thomas; Yu, Weiyong (2011-05-10)
      Methods for separating magnetic nanoparticles are provided. In certain embodiments, a method is provided for separating magnetic nanoparticles comprising: providing a sample comprising a plurality of magnetic nanoparticles; ...
    • Making C4+ products in bacteria 

      Bennett, George; Thakker, Chandresh (2017-05-16)
      Methods of making C4+ hydrocarbon feedstocks using anaerobic microbes are described.
    • Mathematical language processing: automatic grading and feedback for open response mathematical questions 

      Lan, Shiting; Vats, Divyanshu; Waters, Andrew E.; Baraniuk, Richard G. (2019-08-06)
      Mechanisms for automatically grading a large number of solutions provided by learners in response to an open response mathematical question. Each solution is mapped to a corresponding feature vector based on the mathematical ...
    • Measurement of pipe wall thickness using magnetic flux leakage signals 

      Dutta, Sushant Madhukul; Ghorbel, Fathi Hassan (2012-03-13)
      An apparatus comprising a processor configured to implement a method comprising obtaining a pipe profile comprising a diameter, a nominal thickness, and a material, receiving a magnetic flux leakage (MFL) indication for a ...
    • Mechanical shear based synthesis of alumoxane nanoparticles 

      Barron, Andrew R.; Shahid, Naureen (2006-10-03)
      A method for forming carboxylate-alumoxane nanoparticles comprises subjecting a mixture comprising boehmite and carboxylic acid to mechanical shear. The method can be carried out at a temperature above ambient and preferably ...
    • Membrane comprising an array of single-wall carbon nanotubes 

      Smalley, Richard E.; Colbert, Daniel T.; Dai, Hongjie; Liu, Jie; Rinzler, Andrew G.; Hafner, Jason H.; Smith, Kenneth A.; Guo, Ting; Nikolaev, Pavel; Thess, Andreas (2007-04-17)
      This invention relates generally to membranes comprising an array of single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWNT) wherein the membrane is nanoporous. In one embodiment, the membrane comprises a substantially two-dimensional array ...