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Recent Submissions

  • Synthesis of magnetic carbon nanoribbons and magnetic functionalized carbon nanoribbons 

    Tour, James M.; Genorio, Bostjan; Lu, Wei; Price-hoelscher, Brandi Katherine (2016-09-20)
    Various embodiments of the present disclosure pertain to methods of making magnetic carbon nanoribbons. Such methods generally include: (1) forming carbon nanoribbons by splitting carbon nanomaterials; and (2) associating ...
  • GPU-based fast dose calculator for cancer therapy 

    Yepes, Pablo P.; Newhauser, Wayne David; Eley, John Gordon (2016-11-15)
    The invention relates to a computer readable medium including software instructions, which when executed by a scaling parameters for processor perform a method. The method includes obtaining a first and a second pre-calculated ...
  • Solvent-based methods for production of graphene nanoribbons 

    Tour, James M.; Lu, Wei; Genorio, Bostjan (2016-11-15)
    The present invention provides methods of preparing functionalized graphene nanoribbons. Such methods include: (1) exposing a plurality of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) to an alkali metal source in the presence of an aprotic ...
  • Hydroxy- and dicarboxylic-fat synthsis by microbes 

    San, Ka-yiu; Xie, Xixian; Tuli, Leepika; Wu, Hui (2016-11-08)
    Systems, methods and microbes that allow the biological production of hydroxy fatty acids and dicarboxylic fatty acids are provided. Specifically, hydroxy fatty acids and dicarboxylic fatty acids are produced by microbes ...
  • Graphene-carbon nanotube hybrid materials and use as electrodes 

    Tour, James M.; Zhu, Yu; Li, Lei; Yan, Zheng; Lin, Jian (2016-09-27)
    Provided are methods of making graphene-carbon nanotube hybrid materials. Such methods generally include: (1) associating a graphene film with a substrate; (2) applying a catalyst and a carbon source to the graphene film; ...
  • Tunable light-guide image processor for multi-dimensional imaging 

    Tkaczyk, Tomasz S. (2016-09-27)
    A method of adjusting a resolution of a multidimensional imaging system includes taking a first hyperspectral snapshot by the multidimensional imaging system comprising a light processor comprising a plurality of optical ...
  • Fabrication of interconnected model vasculature 

    West, Jennifer L.; Chen, Christopher S.; Miller, Jordan S.; Yang, Michael T. (2016-09-27)
    Methods of fabricating a substantially interconnected model vasculature, as well as compositions formed from such methods are provided. In some embodiments, the methods may comprise forming a non-woven fiber network ...
  • Metabolic transistor in bacteria 

    San, Ka-yiu; Bennett, George N.; Wu, Hui (2016-09-13)
    The disclosure relates to a metabolic transistor in bacteria where a competitive pathway is introduced to compete with a product pathway for available carbon so as to control the carbon flux in the bacteria.
  • Charge coupled device based on atomically layered van der waals solid state film for opto-electronic memory and image capture 

    Lei, Sidong; Ge, Liehui; George, Antony; Li, Bo; Vajtai, Robert; Ajayan, Pulickel M. (2016-08-30)
    An opto-electronic sensor may provide one or more layers of atomically layered photo-sensitive materials. The sensor may include a gate electrode layer, a dielectric layer in contact with the gate electrode layer, and a ...
  • Highly oxidized graphene oxide and methods for production thereof 

    Tour, James M.; Kosynkin, Dmitry V. (2016-08-30)
    A highly oxidized form of graphene oxide and methods for production thereof are described in various embodiments of the present disclosure. In general, the methods include mixing a graphite source with a solution containing ...
  • Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program 

    Ito, Atsushi; Veeraraghavan, Ashok; Mitra, Kaushik; Tambe, Salil (2016-08-16)
    Provided is an image processing apparatus including an image generation unit that, from photographic images that are captured using multiple photographic parameters, generates an image of which values of the multiple ...
  • Reverse beta oxidation pathway 

    Gonzalez, Ramon; Clomburg, James; Dellomonaco, Clementina; Miller, Elliot N. (2016-08-16)
    The invention relates to recombinant microorganisms that have been engineered to produce various chemicals using genes that have been repurposed to create a reverse beta oxidation pathway. Generally speaking, the beta ...
  • Graphite oxide coated particulate material and method of making thereof 

    Majumder, Mainak; Gao, Wei; Ajayan, Pulickel Madhavapanicker; Narayanan, Tharangattu; Pradhan, Bhabendra K. (2016-08-02)
    A process for conversion of conventional sand granules (or other particulates) to a ‘core-shell’ adsorbent granules in which GO (or GO-f) coating imparts nano structural features on the surface of the sand granules (or ...
  • Synthesis of short chain fatty acids from bacteria 

    San, Ka-yiu; Han, Songi (2016-07-12)
    The present invention relates to an engineered bacteria for producing short chain fatty acid with the overexpression of a long chain (>C12) acyl-ACP thioesterases (long-TE) and a short chain (≦C12) acyl-ACP thioesterases ...
  • Addressable SiOX memory array with incorporated diodes 

    Tour, James M.; Yao, Jun; Lin, Jian; Wang, Gunuk; Palem, Krishna (2016-07-05)
    Various embodiments of the resistive memory cells and arrays discussed herein comprise: (1) a first electrode; (2) a second electrode; (3) resistive memory material; and (4) a diode. The resistive memory material is selected ...
  • Nanocomposite oil sensors for downhole hydrocarbon detection 

    Tour, James M.; Hwang, Chih-chau; Lu, Wei; Ruan, Gedeng; Tomson, Mason B.; Kan, Amy; Wang, Lu; Wong, Michael S.; Kini, Gautam; Hirasaki, George J.; Miller, Clarence (2016-06-28)
    Various embodiments of the present disclosure pertain to nanocomposites for detecting hydrocarbons in a geological structure. In some embodiments, the nanocomposites include: a core particle; a polymer associated with the ...
  • Cross antennas for surface-enhanced infrared absorption (SEIRA) spectroscopy of chemical moieties 

    Brown, Lisa V.; Zhao, Ke; Halas, Nancy J.; Nordlander, Peter J. (2016-06-21)
    A device for Surface Enhanced Infrared Absorption (SEIRA) that includes at least one pair of metallic antennas deposited on a substrate, wherein the pair of metallic antennas are collinear. The length, width, and height ...
  • Dynamic strain hardening in polymer nanocomposites 

    Ajayan, Pulickel M.; Carey, Brent Joseph (2016-06-07)
    The present invention provides methods of strengthening composites. In some embodiments, such methods generally comprise a step of applying a dynamic stress to the composite in order to increase at least one of the stiffness ...
  • Fabrication of graphene nanoribbons and nanowires using a meniscus as an etch mask 

    Tour, James M.; Abramova, Vera; Slesarev, Alexander (2016-05-31)
    In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to methods of preparing graphene nanoribbons from a graphene film associated with a meniscus, where the method comprises patterning the graphene film while the meniscus ...
  • Anode battery materials and methods of making the same 

    Biswal, Sibani Lisa; Thakur, Madhuri; Wong, Michael S.; Sinsabaugh, Steven L.; Isaacson, Mark (2016-05-17)
    In some embodiments, the present invention provides novel methods of preparing porous silicon films and particles for lithium ion batteries. In some embodiments, such methods generally include: (1) etching a silicon material ...

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