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Recent Submissions

  • Surface coating method to improve implantable device biocompatibility 

    Fahrenholtz, Monica; Grande-Allen, Kathryn Jane (2019-06-18)
    Techniques for modifying the surface of implantable devices, such as bioprosthetic valves, to improve the biocompatibility of the implantable devices are provided. In particular, a customizable, non-fouling surface coating ...
  • Bubble continuous positive airway pressure 

    Richards-kortum, Rebecca; Oden, Maria Z.; Brown, Jocelyn Kaye; Miros, Robert H. J.; Molyneux, Elizabeth (2019-06-11)
    A bubble continuous positive airway pressure system may include an adjustable flow generator configured to control a flow rate of air to be delivered to a patient. A pressure-regulated delivery system is configured to ...
  • Viscosity reduction of crude oil through structure determination of asphaltene molecule 

    Verma, Manjusha; Venkataraman, Pradeep; Pradhan, Sivaram; Shammai, Houman Michael; Billups, Wilbur Edward; Wellington, Scott (2019-05-14)
    Asphaltene may be effectively broken into smaller molecules by first elucidating the structure of the asphaltene and then developing a catalyst system based on the elucidated structure. The structure may be determined based ...
  • Ni(OH)2 nanoporous films as electrodes 

    Tour, James M.; Yang, Yang (2019-03-19)
    The present disclosure pertains to electrodes that include a nickel-based material and at least one porous region with a plurality of nickel hydroxide moieties on a surface of the nickel-based material. The nickel-based ...
  • Derivatives of uncialamycin, methods of synthesis and their use as antitumor agents 

    Nicolaou, Kyriacos C.; Lu, Min; Mandal, Debashis; Gangwar, Sanjeev; Chowdari, Naidu S.; Poudel, Yam B. (2019-03-19)
    In one aspect, the present disclosure provides new analogs of uncialamycin. The present disclosure also provides novel synthetic pathways to obtaining uncialamycin and analogs thereof. Additionally, the present disclosure ...
  • Hydrated porous materials for selective CO2 capture 

    Tour, James M.; Jalilov, Almaz S. (2019-03-19)
    In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to methods of capturing CO2 from an environment by hydrating a porous material with water molecules to the extent thereby to define a preselected region of a plurality ...
  • Method, synthesis, activation procedure and characterization of an oxygen rich activated porous carbon sorbent for selective removal of carbon dioxide with ultra high capacity 

    Ghosh, Saunab; Barron, Andrew R.; Ho, Jason (2019-03)
    The present disclosure pertains to materials for CO2 adsorption at pressures above 1 bar, where the materials include a porous material with a surface area of at least 2,800 m2/g, and a total pore volume of at least 1.35 ...
  • Miniaturized direct digital-to-impulse radar sensors in silicon 

    Assefzadeh, Mahdi M.; Babakhani, Aydin (2019-03-05)
    A radar system may comprise a trigger, driver, switching circuit, and antenna for generating an ultra-short impulse without utilizing an oscillator. A radar imaging system for imaging a formation or a cross section of a ...
  • Fully programmable digital-to-impulse radiating array 

    Assefzadeh, Mohammad Mahdi; Babakhani, Aydin (2019-02-19)
    A fully-programmable digital-to-impulse radiator with a programmable delay is discussed herein. The impulse radiator may be part of an array of impulse radiators. Each individual element of the array may be equipped with ...
  • Impulse sampler architecture and active clock cancellation architecture 

    Aggrawal, Himanshu; Babakhani, Aydin (2019-02-12)
    A novel nonlinear impulse sampler is presented that provides a clock sharpening circuit, sampling stage, and post-sampling block. The clock sharpening circuit sharpens the incoming clock while acting as a buffer, and the ...
  • Methods and related systems of ultra-short pulse detection 

    Babakhani, Aydin; Jamali, Babak (2019-01-29)
    Ultra-short pulse detection. At least some example embodiments are methods including: receiving by an antenna a series of ultra-short pulses of electromagnetic energy at a repetition frequency, the receiving creates a pulse ...
  • System and method to enable secondary transmission in the presence of an active primary transmission 

    Zhang, Xu; Knightly, Edward W. (2019-01-22)
    A method includes generating, by a wireless device, a sounding packet. The method includes sending, by the wireless device, copies of the sounding packet using a beam former and an antenna array to a second wireless device. ...
  • Wellbore fluids incorporating magnetic carbon nanoribbons and magnetic functionalized carbon nanoribbons and methods of using the same 

    Tour, James M.; Genorio, Bostjan; Lu, Wei; Hoelscher, Katherine Price; Friedheim, James; Patel, Arvind D. (2019-01-15)
    A wellbore fluid may include an oleaginous continuous phase, one or more magnetic carbon nanoribbons, and at least one weighting agent. A method of performing wellbore operations may include circulating a wellbore fluid ...
  • Methods and systems for video compressive sensing for dynamic imaging 

    Shi, Jianing V.; Sankaranarayanan, Aswin C.; Studer, Christoph Emanuel; Baraniuk, Richard G. (2019-01-08)
    A compressive sensing system for dynamic video acquisition. The system includes a video signal interface including a compressive imager configured to acquire compressive sensed video frame data from an object, a video ...
  • Multiplexed in situ molecular analyses and programmable molecular probes for regulated single amplification 

    Diehl, Michael; Zimak, Jan; Schweller, Ryan; Samson, Edward B.; Duose, Dzifa Y. (2018-12-11)
    The present invention generally relates to methods for detecting a target in a sample; methods for modulating the reporting intensity of a labeled target in a sample of fixed cells or tissues; methods for detecting the ...
  • Bandgap engineering of carbon quantum dots 

    Tour, James M.; Ye, Ruquan; Metzger, Andrew; Stavinoha, Macy; Zheng, Yonghao (2018-10-02)
    Embodiments of the present disclosure pertain to scalable methods of producing carbon quantum dots with desired bandgaps by the following steps: exposing a carbon source to an oxidant at a reaction temperature, where the ...
  • Wireless synchronization of mm-wave arrays 

    Chen, Charles; Babakhani, Aydin (2018-10-23)
    Systems and methods providing wireless synchronization of wave arrays may include an antenna that receives a wireless injection signal and another antenna that radiates a locked wave signal corresponding to the injection ...
  • Preparation and biological evaluation of viridicatumtoxin analogs 

    Nicolaou, Kyriacos C.; Hale, Christopher R. H.; Nilewski, Christian; Ioannidou, Heraklidia; El Marrouni, Abdellatif (2018-09-04)
    "In one aspect, the present invention provides novel derivatives of viridicatumtoxin of the formula wherein the variables are as defined herein. The application also provides compositions, methods of treatment, and methods ...
  • Integrated instrumentation for the analysis of biofluids at the point-of-care 

    McDevitt, John; Haque, Ahmed ; McRae, Michael; Simmons, Glen (2018-08-28)
    This disclosure describes the design and function of a bead-based lab-on-a-chip portable analyzer for analyzing biomarker assay cards used in point-of-care testing.
  • Methods of controllably forming bernal-stacked graphene layers 

    Tour, James M.; Sun, Zhengzong; Raji, Abdul-rahman O. (2018-08-21)
    Methods of controllably forming Bernal-stacked graphene layers are disclosed. The methods comprise: (1) cleaning a surface of a catalyst; (2) annealing the surface of the catalyst; (3) applying a carbon source onto the ...

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