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Recent Submissions

  • Signal recovery via deep convolutional networks 

    Baraniuk, Richard G.; Mousavi, Ali (2021-04-20)
    Real-world data may not be sparse in a fixed basis, and current high-performance recovery algorithms are slow to converge, which limits compressive sensing (CS) to either non-real-time applications or scenarios where massive back-end computing is available. Presented herein are embodiments for improving CS by developing a new signal recovery framework ...
  • Viscosity reduction of crude oil through structure determination of asphaltene molecule 

    Verma, Manjusha; Venkataraman, Pradeep; Pradhan, Sivaram; Shammai, Houman Michael; Billups, Wilbur Edward; (2021-04-20)
    Asphaltene may be effectively broken into smaller molecules by first elucidating the structure of the asphaltene and then developing a catalyst system based on the elucidated structure. The structure may be determined based on a series of analytical techniques including NMR, FTIR, Raman spectroscopy, XPS, and LDI. The most probable structure is ...
  • Functionalized protein-based materials and their uses 

    Bondos, Sarah; Bayless, Kayla; Matthews, Kathleen; Patterson, Jan; Abbey, Colette; (2021-03-16)
    Embodiments of the invention are directed to Ubx-fusion molecules that maintain their mechanical strength and properties even after being fused with Ubx. Ubx fusions with VEGF and other growth factors, cell signaling proteins, and cell binding proteins can be used to induce angiogenesis. Ubx fibers and mesh, embedded within a tissue engineering ...
  • Microbial production of fats 

    San, Ka-yiu; Li, Zhilin; Zhang, Xian (2021-02-16)
    This invention describes a method of using microbial to produce fats, such as fatty acids and their derivatives, or products derived from the fatty acid synthesis cycle, such as hydroxyfatty acids, methyl ketones, and the like.
  • Cement-based direct ink for 3D printing of complex architected structures 

    Rahman, Muhammad M.; Sajadi, Seyed Mohammad; Kumar, Ashok; Boul, Peter J.; Thaemlitz, Carl; (2021-02-09)
    Provide is a cement ink for a cement ink for 3D printing (which also includes additive manufacturing) of 3D cement structures and materials. The cement ink includes an American Petroleum Institute (API) Class G cement, a nano-clay, a superplasticizer, a hydroxyethyl cellulose, and a defoamer. The nano-clay may be hydrophilic bentonite. The superplasticizer ...
  • Fine-tuned ultraspecific nucleic acid hybridization probes 

    Zhang, David Yu; Wang, Juexiao; Wu, Ruojia (2021-01-26)
    Compositions and methods for highly specific nucleic acid probes and primers are provided. The probe system comprises a complement strand and a protector stand that form a partially double-stranded probe. The reaction standard free energy of hybridization between the probe and target nucleic acid as determined by Expression 1 (ΔG°rxn=ΔG°t-TC−ΔG°nh- ...
  • Total synthesis of trioxacarcin DC-45-A2 and preparation of trioxacarcin analogs 

    Nicolaou, Kyriacos C.; Cai, Quan (2021-01-26)
    "In one aspect, the present invention provides novel derivatives of trioxacarin analogs of the formula (I) wherein the variables are as defined herein. The application also provides compositions, methods of treatment, and methods of synthesis thereof. "
  • Derivatives of uncialamycin, methods of synthesis and their use as antitumor agents 

    Nicolaou, Kyriacos C.; Lu, Min; Mandal, Debashis; Gangwar, Sanjeev; Chowdari, Naidu S.; (2021-01-12)
    In one aspect, the present disclosure provides new analogs of uncialamycin. The present disclosure also provides novel synthetic pathways to obtaining uncialamycin and analogs thereof. Additionally, the present disclosure also describes methods of use of uncialamycin and analogs thereof. In another aspect, the present disclosure provides antibody-drug ...
  • Method for decomposing asphaltene using a supported catalyst 

    Pradhan, Sivaram; Wellington, Scott; Shammai, Houman; Wong, Michael (2020-12-29)
    Asphaltene produced during the production of hydrocarbons in an underground reservoir may be reduced and decomposed by introducing into the underground reservoir a fluid having a catalyst of from about 3 to about 7% Ni with a magnesium oxide support or a catalyst of from about 15 to about 25% tungsten oxide with a zirconium oxide support or a mixture ...
  • Epothilone analogs, methods of synthesis, methods of treatment, and drug conjugates thereof 

    Nicolaou, Kyriacos C.; Rhoades, Derek; Wang, Yanping; Totokotsopoulos, Sotirios (2020-12-29)
    "In one aspect, the present disclosure provides epothilone analogs of the formula (I) wherein the variables are as defined herein. In another aspect, the present disclosure also provides methods of preparing the compounds disclosed herein. In another aspect, the present disclosure also provides pharmaceutical compositions and methods of use of the ...
  • Modification of n-terminal region of capsid proteins for enhanced properties of adeno-associated viruses 

    Ho, Michelle; Suh, Junghae; Yamagami, Momona; Gough, Veronica; Kang, Byunguk (2020-12-08)
    The present disclosure provide viral compositions and methods for modulating adeno-associated virus properties including transduction efficiency, virus capsid assembly, viral genome packaging, capsid stability and intracellular processing. Engineered adeno-associated viruses with modifications in the N-terminal region of the capsid proteins VP1 or ...
  • KAS-III free FA synthesis 

    San, Ka-yiu; Zhang, Xian; Wu, Hui; Wang, Dan (2020-12-01)
    The present disclosure describes a genetically engineered a KASIII-independent fatty acid biosynthetic pathway that makes use of the promiscuous nature of the rest of the FAS enzymes (3-ketoacyl-ACP synthetase, 3-ketoacyl-ACP reductase, 3-hydroxyacyl ACP dehydrase, enoyl-ACP reductase) to bypass the KASIII step by providing a Co-A precursor of two ...
  • Automated compilation of probabilistic task description into executable neural network specification 

    Patel, Ankit B.; Baraniuk, Richard G. (2020-11-24)
    A mechanism for compiling a generative description of an inference task into a neural network. First, an arbitrary generative probabilistic model from the exponential family is specified (or received). The model characterizes a conditional probability distribution for measurement data given a set of latent variables. A factor graph is generated for ...
  • Systems and methods for magnetic guidance and patterning of materials 

    Souza, Glauco R.; Pasqualini, Renata; Arap, Wadih; Killian, Thomas Charles; Raphael, Robert M.; (2020-11-24)
    Systems and methods generally useful in medicine, cellular biology, nanotechnology, and cell culturing are discussed. In particular, at least in some embodiments, systems and methods for magnetic guidance and patterning of cells and materials are discussed. Some specific applications of these systems and methods may include levitated culturing of ...
  • Hypothermic 3D bioprinting of living tissues supported by perfusable vasculature 

    Miller, Jordan; Ta, Anderson; Grigoryan, Bagrat (2020-11-24)
    The present disclosure provides compositions and methods for producing hydrogel matrix constructs. Methods of using hydrogel matrix constructs for tissue repair and regeneration and for the oxygenation of red blood cells are also disclosed.
  • Use of surface modified porous membranes for fluid distillation 

    Li, Qilin; Wu, Jinjian; Halas, Nancy J.; Zodrow, Katherine R.; Guo, Haoli; (2020-11-24)
    In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to systems and methods for distilling a fluid by exposing the fluid to a porous membrane that includes a surface capable of generating heat. In some embodiments, the heat generated at the surface propagates the distilling of the fluid by converting the fluid to a vapor that flows through the porous ...
  • Poly(diol fumarates) and poly(diol fumarate-co-succinates) 

    Tatara, Alexander Mitchell; Watson, Emma; Mikos, Antonios G.; Kontoyiannis, Dimitrios P. (2020-11-17)
    The disclosure relates to a class of diol-based, unsaturated aliphatic polyesters that biodegrade into monomers capable of mitigating infection. These poly(diol fumarates) (PDFs) and poly(diol fumarate-co-succinates) (PDFSs), can be crosslinked to form networks of scaffolds with antimicrobial degradation products. Both the diol carbon length and the ...
  • Distributed and scalable physical layer and medium access design for uplink multiuser multiple-input, multiple-output (MU-MIMO) in wireless local area network (WLAN) systems 

    Flores Miranda, Adriana B.; Knightly, Edward W. (2020-11-10)
    A client device includes a processor and an antenna. The client device obtains an announcement that specifies a winning client of a channel contention competition; identifies a group association of the client device using an identity of the winning client; transmits a preamble modulated by an entry of a preamble interference nullification matrix, the ...
  • Production and use of flexible conductive films and inorganic layers in electronic devices 

    Tour, James M.; Yang, Yang; Ruan, Gedeng (2020-10-20)
    Embodiments of the present disclosure pertain to methods of making conductive films by associating an inorganic composition with an insulating substrate, and forming a porous inorganic layer from the inorganic composition on the insulating substrate. The inorganic layer may include a nanoporous metal layer, such as nickel fluoride. The methods of the ...
  • Desacetoxytubulysin H and analogs thereof 

    Nicolaou, Kyriacos C.; Vourloumis, Dionisios; Yin, Jun; Erande, Rohan; Mandal, Debashis; (2020-10-20)
    "In one aspect, the present disclosure provides tubulysin analogs of the formula (I) wherein R1, R2, R3, R4, X1, X2, X3, and A1 are as defined herein. In another aspect, the present disclosure also provides methods of preparing the compounds disclosed herein. In another aspect, the present disclosure also provides pharmaceutical compositions and ...

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