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Recent Submissions

  • Method and apparatus for compressive acquisition and recovery of dynamic imagery 

    Baraniuk, Richard G.; Sankaranarayanan, Aswin C. (2017-05-16)
    A new framework for video compressed sensing models the evolution of the image frames of a video sequence as a linear dynamical system (LDS). This reduces the video recovery problem to first estimating the model parameters ...
  • Making C4+ products in bacteria 

    Bennett, George; Thakker, Chandresh (2017-05-16)
    Methods of making C4+ hydrocarbon feedstocks using anaerobic microbes are described.
  • Implantable modular hydrogel for salivary gland restoration 

    Witt, Robert L.; Jia, Xinqiao; Bhatt, Swati Pradham; Farach-carson, Mary C.; Harrington, Daniel A. (2017-05-09)
    Implantable modular hydrogels to aid in salivary gland restoration and associated methods are provided. In one embodiment, the present disclosure provides for a hydrogel network comprising: a hyaluronic acid macromer ...
  • Methods of preventing corrosion of surfaces by application of energy storage-conversion devices 

    Galande, Charudatta; Singh, Neelam; Khatiwada, Suman; Ajayan, Pulickel M. (2017-05-02)
    The present disclosure pertains to methods of protecting a surface (e.g., a metal surface) from corrosion by conformably attaching a hybrid device comprising at least one multilayer energy storage device and at least one ...
  • PUF authentication and key-exchange by substring matching 

    Rostami, Masoud; Majzoobi, Mehrdad; Koushanfar, Farinaz; Wallach, Daniel S.; Devadas, Srinivas (2017-04-18)
    Mechanisms for operating a prover device and a verifier device so that the verifier device can verify the authenticity of the prover device. The prover device generates a data string by: (a) submitting a challenge to a ...
  • Providing information to a user through somatosensory feedback 

    Eagleman, David M.; Novich, Scott (2017-04-18)
    A hearing device may provide hearing-to-touch sensory substitution as a therapeutic approach to deafness. Through use of signal processing on received signals, the hearing device may provide better accuracy with the ...
  • Responsive liquid crystal elastomers for enhanced cell sheet alignment 

    Verduzco, Rafael; Jacot, Jeffrey G.; Adetiba, Oluwatomiyin; Agrawal, Aditya (2017-04-18)
    Responsive, biocompatible substrates are of interest for directing the maturation and function of cells in vitro during cell culture. This can potentially provide cells and tissues with desirable properties for regenerative ...
  • Growth methods for controlled large-area fabrication of high-quality graphene analogs 

    Najmaei, Sina; Liu, Zheng; Ajayan, Pulickel M.; Lou, Jun (2017-02-28)
    In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to methods of growing chalcogen-linked metallic films on a surface in a chamber. In some embodiments, the method comprises placing a metal source and a chalcogen source ...
  • Use of carbon nanomaterials with antioxidant properties to treat oxidative stress 

    Tour, James M.; Berlin, Jacob; Marcano, Daniela; Leonard, Ashley; Kent, Thomas A.; Pautler, Robia G.; Bitner, Brittany; Inoue, Taeko (2017-02-21)
    In some embodiments, the present invention provides methods of treating oxidative stress in a subject by administering a therapeutic composition to the subject. In some embodiments, the therapeutic composition comprises a ...
  • Electrodes with three dimensional current collectors and methods of making the same 

    Galande, Charudatta; Singh, Neelam; Khatiwada, Suman; Ajayan, Pulickel M. (2017-02-14)
    In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to methods of forming electrodes on a surface. In some embodiments, the formed electrodes have a three-dimensional current collector layer. In some embodiments, the ...
  • Reduced activity of ubiCA in E. coli 

    San, Ka-yiu; Bennett, George (2017-02-07)
    Production of products by engineered bacteria is increased by regulating cellular respiration. Cellular respiration is controlled by reducing electron transfer enzyme activity. Some examples of electron transfer enzymes ...
  • Nucleophilic porous carbon materials for CO2 and H2S capture 

    Tour, James M.; Hwang, Chih-chau; Schipper, Desmond E. (2017-03-28)
    In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to methods of capturing a gas from an environment by associating the environment (e.g., a pressurized environment) with a porous carbon material that comprises a plurality ...
  • Bacteria and method for synthesizing fatty acids 

    San, Ka-yiu; Li, Mai (2017-03-21)
    The present invention discloses a process for increasing the production of free fatty acids at high yield (close to maximum theoretical yield), with various fatty acid compositions and various percentage of fatty acids ...
  • Porous carbon materials for CO2 separation in natural gas 

    Tour, James M.; Schipper, Desmond E.; Hwang, Chih-chau; Tour, Josiah; Jalilov, Almaz S.; Ruan, Gedeng; Li, Yilun (2017-03-21)
    In some embodiments, the present disclosure pertains to materials for use in CO2 capture in high pressure environments. In some embodiments, the materials include a porous carbon material containing a plurality of pores ...
  • Multidomain peptides for promoting angiogenesis 

    Hartgerink, Jeffrey Dale; Kumar, Vivek Ashok (2016-12-27)
    The present disclosure provides a composition comprising a multi-domain peptide capable of self-assembly into a nanofibrous hydrogel structure capable of stimulating a robust angiogenic response. In one embodiment, the ...
  • Apparatus and method for compressive imaging and sensing through multiplexed modulation via spinning disks 

    Kelly, Kevin F.; Baraniuk, Richard G.; Woods, Gary; Sun, Ting; Turner, Matthew (2016-12-13)
    Compressive imaging apparatus employing multiple modulators in various optical schemes to generate the modulation patterns before the signal is recorded at a detector. The compressive imaging apparatus is equally valid ...
  • Waste remediation 

    Halas, Nancy J.; Nordlander, Peter; Neumann, Oara (2017-01-17)
    A system including a steam generation system and a chamber. The steam generation system includes a complex and the steam generation system is configured to receive water, concentrate electromagnetic (EM) radiation received ...
  • Methods and systems for video compressive sensing for dynamic imaging 

    Shi, Jianing V.; Sankaranarayanan, Aswin C.; Studer, Christoph Emanuel; Baraniuk, Richard G. (2017-01-24)
    A compressive sensing system for dynamic video acquisition. The system includes a video signal interface including a compressive imager configured to acquire compressive sensed video frame data from an object, a video ...
  • Combined space maintenance and bone regeneration system for the reconstruction of large osseous defects 

    Mikos, Antonios G.; Wong, Mark E.; Young, Simon W.; Kretlow, James D.; Shi, Meng; Kasper, Kurtis F.; Spicer, Patrick (2017-01-03)
    Systems, methods and compositions useful for treatment of traumatic bone injuries are provided. In one embodiment, a bone reconstruction system comprising a space maintaining composition comprising porous polymethylmethacrylate; ...
  • Heat-inactivated complement factor B compositions and methods 

    Turner, Nancy A. (2017-01-03)
    The present disclosure is directed to compositions comprising heat-inactivated complement factor B and methods of using the same to treat thrombotic or complement-mediated inflammatory disorders.

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