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    • Lynne Nguyen oral history interview and transcript 

      Nguyen, Lynne (2022-03-01)
      Lynne Nguyen was a refugee from Saigon in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States with her mother, father, and two brothers when she was a child. Initially living in upstate New York, her family quickly joined their distant cousins in Houston, where Lynne attended school and eventually went to the University of Houston. Earning a degree in ...
    • Rogene Gee Calvert oral history interview and transcript 

      Calvert, Rogene Gee (2022-01-19)
      Rogene Gee Calvert is a followup interviewee (last interviewed 10 years prior) and is an exemplary advocate for healthcare services among the Asian American, and more recently, immigrant/refugee communities in Houston. A board member of the Asian American Coalition/HOPE Clinic, she is a large driving force behind the proliferation of the HOPE Clinic, ...
    • Kittie Farmer oral history interview and transcript 

      Farmer, Kittie (2021-12-21)
      Kittie Farmer is the lead vocalist for Austin based metal band Flooded Tomb. Thanks to the Matrix Movies soundtracks, she has loved rock and heavier music since she was a child, and she joined her first metal band at the age of 15 in suburban Oklahoma (which eventually broke apart). She went to the University of Texas at Austin for college, where she ...
    • Nibu Abraham oral history interview and transcript 

      Abraham, Nibu (2021-12-05)
      Nibu Abraham is a punk musician based in Houston who is currently the bassist for Celtic punk band The Tomfooligans. His interest in punk, metal, and hardcore music was fostered early on by watching skate videos and by hanging out with skaters, and at the age of 10, he picked up a guitar and started playing the guitar tabs found at the end of magazines. ...
    • Karen Tso oral history interview and transcript 

      Tso, Karen (2021-11-10)
      Karen Tso is a retired dietician who has worked tirelessly to support her community using her knowledge of industrial management and clinical dietetics, as well current social issues. She attended the University of Houston for her undergraduate education, where she first decided to pursue food and nutrition, and later attended Louisiana Tech University ...
    • Dr. Shiao-Chun Tu oral history interview and transcript 

      Tu, Shiao-Chun (2021-10-29)
      Dr. Shiao-Chun Tu was born in the Henan province, Nanyang City, China. Growing up, Tu was the youngest of his ten siblings. Half of his siblings, including himself, moved to Taiwan in 1949 at the end of the civil war in China; the other half remained in China. When Tu reunited with his family about thirty years later, he remarks that he never felt ...
    • Oscar Wong oral history interview and transcript 

      Wong, Oscar (2021-10-12)
      Oscar Wong was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and moved to the United States when he came to college at the University of Notre Dame. He first started his career as an engineer, eventually creating his own nuclear related engineering business 13 years after he graduated college. After he sold that business in the 1980’s, he began his brewing company, ...
    • Sambo Phon oral history interview and transcript 

      Phon, Sambo (2021-09-07)
      Sambo Phon was born in Cambodia in 1966. Along with her parents, four sisters, and brother, she survived the brutal Khmer Rouge regime, during which she was forced to work in a labor camp for three years. Although she was only ten years old when her family was separated to different labor sites, Phon would sacrifice one of her meals every day in order ...
    • Arnold Chang oral history interview 

      Chang, Arnold (2021-08-18)
    • Victoria Nguyen oral history interview 

      Nguyen, Victoria (2021-08-17)
    • Cecil Fong oral history interview on Chinatown 

      Fong, Cecil (2021-07-28)
    • Aparna Mankad oral history interview 

      Mankad, Aparna (2021-07-26)
    • Ruhee Maknojia oral history 

      Maknojia, Ruhee (2021-07-25)
    • Feibi Zheng oral history interview and transcript 

      Zheng, Feibi (2021-07-16)
      Dr. Feibi Zheng was born in Fuzhou, China, where she spent her childhood among extended family until immigrating to the US to join her father in California. There, she excelled in her math studies, advancing several grades to support her learning, and eventually attended UC Berkeley at the age of 15. She later switched her major to molecular and cell ...
    • Alex Chester oral history interview 

      Chester, Alex (2021-07-14)
    • Suman Gautam Sunar oral history interview 

      Gautam Sunar, Suman (2021-07-07)
    • Lam Yu oral history interview and transcript 

      Yu, Lam (2021-07-07)
      Born in 1977 in Taishan, Guangdong, China, Dr. Lam Yu currently serves as an Associate Teaching Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Rice University. In Hong Kong, where he grew up, Yu attended Heoi Ta Tung Primary School and learned the importance of a good education from a young age. He moved to the US shortly before completing elementary school. ...
    • James Tang oral history interview on Chinatown 

      Tang, James (2021-07-06)
      Dr. James Tang was born in Canton (Guangzhou), China in 1948. He immigrated to Houston when he was three or four years old when his father attended Rice University as a graduate student. He attended the Kinkaid School on a scholarship from 1963-1966. He went on to attend Princeton as an undergraduate and then attended Stanford Medical School. After ...
    • Tam Ngo oral history interview 

      Ngo, Tam (2021-07-05)
    • Gee Kwok oral history interview and transcript 

      Kwok, Gee (2021-07-02)
      Mr. Gee Kwok was born in Hong Kong in 1941 during the Sino-Japanese War. He was raised in Hong Kong by his grandparents, and did not get to know his father and mother until after the war had ended. He came to the United States in 1959 for college, where he went to Wake Forest University, where he also met his wife. After he graduated, Mr. Kwok found ...