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    • Shake Russell, Dana Cooper, and Jimmy Raycraft performing at Rockefeller's 

      1980 (circa 1980)
      Images were captured using the Epson Perfection 1670 PHOTO or Epson Expression 10000XL flatbed scanner and Epson Scan software. Master Tiff images were scanned at 48-bit color, 400 ppi. Derivative files are PDF for text and JPG & JPEG2000 for images.
    • Morenike Giwa Onaiwu oral history interview 

      Onaiwu, Morenike Giwa; Jones, Caitlyn (9/10/2021)
    • Whitley Strieber oral history interview 

      Strieber, Whitley; Millary, Thomas (8/8/2020)
    • Richard Haines oral history interview 

      Haines, Richard; Panin, Stanislav (8/12/2020)
    • Cynthia V. Aguries oral history interview 

      Aguries, Cynthia V.; Feldman, Claudia (7/30/2021)
    • Hyman Penn oral history interview and transcript 

      Penn, Hyman (2022-06-08)
      Hyman Penn was born in Houston to Holocaust survivors Linda and Morris I. Penn in 1954. Penn attended the University of Texas Medical School, and was a pediatrician at Texas Children’s for 35 years, until retiring in 2020. Penn has been a member of Temple Beth Torah (TBT) for the last 35 years. He has served as the president, vice president and Men’s ...
    • Tam Le oral history interview and transcript 

      Le, Tam (2022-06-06)
      Born in 1989 in Houston, Texas, Tam Le’s steady passion for traveling and expanding her worldview has led her to work in New York, London, Central and South America, Istanbul, Singapore, and Vietnam at various points her life. Currently residing in Austin, Le is a brand strategist for Landor & Fitch, helping to bridge gaps between designers and her ...
    • Hyun Ja Norman oral history interview and transcript 

      Norman, Hyun Ja (2022-05-27)
      Hyun Ja Norman was born in Gudam, South Korea in 1968. She was the seventh child of nine children to her parents. Her family managed a small store where her father was a butcher. Norman went to college and studied Spanish because many companies at the time were doing business in South America. After graduating college, Norman went to South America ...
    • Joe Williams oral history interview and transcript 

      Williams, Joe (2022-05-05)
      Joe Williams was born in January 1946. He is a native of Beaumont, Texas and a graduate of Lamar University. Joe has held a long career in the property and casualty insurance industry, holding a multitude of positions along the way. Joe has also served as the president of Congregation Emanu El in Houston and the president of the Jewish Federation of ...
    • Martin Cominsky oral history interview and transcript 

      Cominsky, Martin (2022-03-11)
      Martin B. Cominsky is the President and CEO of Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston. He has been a community nonprofit professional since 1981, serving with Business Volunteers for the Arts, founding the SERVE HOUSTON Youth Corps, directing the Anti-Defamation League Southwest Region before leading IM’s Meals on Wheels, Refugee Services, and ...
    • Lynne Nguyen oral history interview and transcript 

      Nguyen, Lynne (2022-03-01)
      Lynne Nguyen was a refugee from Saigon in Vietnam and immigrated to the United States with her mother, father, and two brothers when she was a child. Initially living in upstate New York, her family quickly joined their distant cousins in Houston, where Lynne attended school and eventually went to the University of Houston. Earning a degree in ...
    • Rabbi Shaul Osadchey oral history interview and transcript 

      Osadchey, Shaul (2022-02-25)
      Rabbi Shaul Osadchey was born in Los Angeles in 1950. He became involved with the Soviet Jewry movement while a student at Los Angeles Hebrew High and continued his activism while a student at the University of California, Berkeley. Osadchey participated in a number of protests, including a peaceful disruption of a performance by the Soviet Moiseyev ...
    • Freda Delphine “Bitsy” Proler oral history interview and transcript 

      Proler, Freda Delphine "Bitsy" (2022-02-24)
      Freda Delphine “Bitsy” Proler May 26, 1933 was born in Harlingen, Texas to Ben and Delma Epstein. She married Jackie Proler at Houston’s Congregation Emanu El in 1951, and, after living for a short time in San Antonio, the couple moved back to Houston, where they raised four children. Today, Bitsy still resides in Houston and remains active at ...
    • W. Kenneth Horwitz and Annette Horwitz Sondock oral history interview and transcript 

      Horwitz, W. Kenneth; Sondock, Annette Horwitz (2022-02-21)
      Dr. W. Ken Horwitz and Annette Sondock are siblings and natives of Beaumont, Texas. Ken is a former basketball player for the University of Texas at Austin Longhorns where he played in the 1950’s a veteran of the United States Air Force, as well as a doctor in the field of Dentistry. Annette is a musician and performer, who spent much of her early ...
    • Rochella Cooper oral history interview and transcript 

      Cooper, Rochella (2022-02-15)
      Rochella Cooper was born in South Africa in 1933. In her formative years as a musician she acquired a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Capetown (Dist. Hon.) and in 1956 left South Africa for further study at the Royal Academy of Music. Soon thereafter she moved to Paris where she continued her flute studies with Renee Rateau, (Boston ...
    • Edwin Carson oral history interview and transcript 

      Carson, Edwin (2022-01-25)
      Edwin Carson was born in Cebu City, Philippines, and he first got into punk/hardcore music while he was in high school. Some of the bands he initially listened to included The Sex Pistols, Minor Threat, and Black Flag. As he was drawn further into the genre, he started to learn the guitar and eventually created a band with his friends; this band would ...
    • Rogene Gee Calvert oral history interview and transcript 

      Calvert, Rogene Gee (2022-01-19)
      Rogene Gee Calvert is a followup interviewee (last interviewed 10 years prior) and is an exemplary advocate for healthcare services among the Asian American, and more recently, immigrant/refugee communities in Houston. A board member of the Asian American Coalition/HOPE Clinic, she is a large driving force behind the proliferation of the HOPE Clinic, ...
    • Kittie Farmer oral history interview and transcript 

      Farmer, Kittie (2021-12-21)
      Kittie Farmer is the lead vocalist for Austin based metal band Flooded Tomb. Thanks to the Matrix Movies soundtracks, she has loved rock and heavier music since she was a child, and she joined her first metal band at the age of 15 in suburban Oklahoma (which eventually broke apart). She went to the University of Texas at Austin for college, where she ...
    • Nibu Abraham oral history interview and transcript 

      Abraham, Nibu (2021-12-05)
      Nibu Abraham is a punk musician based in Houston who is currently the bassist for Celtic punk band The Tomfooligans. His interest in punk, metal, and hardcore music was fostered early on by watching skate videos and by hanging out with skaters, and at the age of 10, he picked up a guitar and started playing the guitar tabs found at the end of magazines. ...
    • Karen Tso oral history interview and transcript 

      Tso, Karen (2021-11-10)
      Karen Tso is a retired dietician who has worked tirelessly to support her community using her knowledge of industrial management and clinical dietetics, as well current social issues. She attended the University of Houston for her undergraduate education, where she first decided to pursue food and nutrition, and later attended Louisiana Tech University ...