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    • Back Matter 2018 Spring Issue 

      CONTENTS: Editorial Board -- About Us -- Acknowledgements -- Future Contributions
    • Front Matter 2018 Spring Issue 

      CONTENTS: Editorial Board -- Faculty Board -- Sponsors -- Table of Contents
    • Race, Labor, and Class in Interwar New York 

      Ratnoff, David (2018)
      Black urban politics in New York City blossomed as black migrants found employment in the industrial North during the Great Migration. Publishing its first issue in 1917, the black radical newspaper the Messenger, sought ...
    • A Carefully Constructed History: Gregory of Tours and the Observation of Societal Shift in Merovingian Gaul 

      Lucier, Oliver (2018)
      Gregory of Tours, a powerful sixth French century bishop, was also an influential historian. His major work, The History of the Franks, provided a detailed account of politics and society in fifth and sixth century France. ...
    • Michael E. Debakey High School for Health Professions: Houston Magnet Schools and the Mandate of Integration 

      Jones, Benjamin (2018)
      In the 1970s, the Houston Independent School District embarked on an ambitious program of voluntary desegregation driven by magnet schools. The DeBakey High School for Health Professions, which offered high quality career ...
    • A Virgin Queen, But Not by Choice 

      Abdow, Emily (2018)
      “A Virgin Queen, But Not By Choice” explores the question of why Queen Elizabeth I never married. The essay argues that Elizabeth’s gender required her to have the full support of both her privy council and parliament to ...
    • How to Build a Villain: Aurangzeb, Temple Destruction, and His Modern Reputation 

      Murdoch, Maximilian F. (2018)
      This paper is a study of the spatial relationship between temples destroyed in the reign of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb (1618-1707) and other significant spatial characteristics of the Mughal Empire in his time, including ...
    • Stranger Lands: Politics, Ethnicity, and Occupation on the Eastern Front, 1914-1918 

      Dreyer, Gary (2018)
      This seminar paper seeks to reconstruct how ethnic politics and inter-communal relations in Eastern Europe during World War I were central to the war’s conduct and legacy. Examining different popular and institutional ...
    • News From Fondren: Volume 27, No. 2, Spring 2018 

      Fondren Library (2018)
      In this Issue: Fondren Library Supports the Jain Studies Program at Rice -- Humanitarian Mapathon -- Who Can Forget Harvey -- Creating an Undergraduate Journal at Rice: Rice Historical Review -- Fondren in the News at ...
    • News From Fondren: Volume 28, No. 1, Fall 2018 

      Fondren Library (2018)
      In this Issue: Fondren’s Contemporary Arts Museum Houston Archives Featured in Museum Exhibition -- Reginald Moore Convict Leasing Research Collection Lends Context to Recent Discovery of Graves -- Fondren Library Provides ...
    • The Sarmatian Review, Vol., 37, No. 3 

      Brzechczyn, Krzysztof; Dyga, Edwin; Pula, James S.; Scott, Peter Dale; Swan, Oscar E. (2017-09)
      In this issue: Thank You Note -- Sarmatian Review Data -- Krzysztof Brzechczyn, Is Poland being flooded with xenophobia and racism? Statistics and myths -- Peter Dale Scott, Miłosz, Eliot, and the Generative Canon: Literature, ...
    • The Sarmatian Review, Vol., 37, No. 2 

      Craig, David; Dougherty, Jude P.; Graczyk, Roman; Magnat, Virginie; Thompson, James R.; Wildstein, Bronisław (2017-04)
      In this issue: About the Authors -- Thank You Note -- Sarmatian Review Data -- Roman Graczyk, The Transformation of Tygodnik Powszechny -- Bronisław Wildstein, Past Continuous: A Novel, translated by Christopher Zakrzewski ...
    • The Sarmatian Review, Vol., 37, No. 1 

      Wormser, Baron; Chodakiewicz, Marek Jan; Gasyna, George; Boss, Sally; Reid, James Edward; Wilczek, Piotr (2017-01)
      In this issue: About the Authors -- Sarmatian Review Data -- Baron Wormser, The Polish Poets -- Charles Sarolea, Letters on Polish Affairs (excerpts) -- Marek Jan Chodakiewicz, Revolution and Counterrevolution in Poland ...
    • Back Matter 2017 Spring Issue 

      CONTENTS: Editorial Board -- About US -- Acknowledgements -- Future Contributors
    • The Decay of the State 

      Hood, Nikolai (2017)
      German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) perceived that certain fundamental structures’ from language to justice’ which had previously been enshrined by religious transcendence were by his time decaying through ...
    • Women on the Oil Frontier: Gender and Power in Aramco's Arabia 

      Jones, Benjamin (2017)
      The Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco), which controlled the world's largest crude oil reserve and was once the largest American investment overseas, often claimed that its petroleum extraction activities contributed ...
    • The Religion of Thomas Jefferson 

      Altschul, James (2017)
      Thomas Jefferson’s religious beliefs remain a point of contention in contemporary political discourse, with actors on many different sides of religious debate seeking to claim him as an advocate for their position. In this ...
    • Front Matter 2017 Spring Issue 

      CONTENTS: Editorial Board -- Faculty Board -- Sponsors -- Table of Contents
    • The Politics of Policy: the Obama Doctrine and the Arab Spring 

      Tyler, Hannah (2017)
      This paper defines and examines the Obama Doctrine by contextualizing it through the lens of other presidential doctrines and schools of realism and idealism. In addition, it seeks to establish the doctrine's tenets and ...