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dc.identifier.citation Meconi, Honi (director), Bruclanann, Lara (voice), Demmert, Wade (sackbut), et al. (performer). "MUSIC OF JOSQUIN DES PREZ Wednesday, November 17, 1993 8:00 p.m. Lillian H. Duncan Recital Hall." (1993) Shepherd School of Music, Rice University:
dc.description.abstract Playlist: Vive le roy -- Josquin des Prez (-1521) / A la mort/Monstra te esse matrem -- Josquin des Prez (-1521) / Quant je vous voye -- Josquin des Prez (-1521) / La belle se siet -- Josquin des Prez (-1521) / De tous biens plaine -- Josquin des Prez (-1521) / A l'ombre d'ung buissonnet -- Josquin des Prez (-1521) / Je n'ose plus -- Josquin des Prez (-1521) / Entre suis -- Josquin des Prez (-1521) / Ile fantazies de Joskin -- Josquin des Prez (-1521) / Fortuna desperata -- Josquin des Prez (-1521) / La Bernadina -- Josquin des Prez (-1521) / Mille regretz -- Josquin des Prez (-1521) / Mon mary m'a diffame -- Josquin des Prez (-1521) / Si j'ay perdu -- Josquin des Prez (-1521) / Proch dolor/Pie Jhesu. -- Josquin des Prez (-1521).
dc.format.extent 4 pp
dc.format.extent Duration: 0:41:50
dc.publisher Shepherd School of Music, Rice University
dc.relation.IsBasedOnJosquin, des Prez, -1521 /
dc.rights Copyrighted material. All rights reserved.
dc.title MUSIC OF JOSQUIN DES PREZ Wednesday, November 17, 1993 8:00 p.m. Lillian H. Duncan Recital Hall
dc.contributor.performer Meconi, Honi (director)
dc.contributor.performer Bruclanann, Lara (voice)
dc.contributor.performer Demmert, Wade (sackbut)
dc.contributor.performer Dickey, Nathaniel (recorder and sackbut)
dc.contributor.performer Ford, David (sackbut)
dc.contributor.performer Ford, Robin (harp)
dc.contributor.performer Garner, Lisa (Renaissance flute)
dc.contributor.performer Hardie, Richard (recorder)
dc.contributor.performer Immel, Don (sackbut)
dc.contributor.performer Ingver, Inga (vielle)
dc.contributor.performer Johnson, Jrurt (recorder)
dc.contributor.performer Oancea, Mihaela (vielle)
dc.contributor.performer Ronneburg, Frank (recorder)
dc.contributor.performer Sarre, Russell (lute)
dc.contributor.performer Schweigert, Rebecca (recorder and shawm)
dc.contributor.performer Walvoord, Amanda (viola da gamba)
dc.contributor.performer Werner, Allison (recorder)
dc.digitization.specifications Access copies of all concerts programs are presented as OCR'd PDFs.
dc.digitization.specifications This sound recording was converted from compact disc using Exact Audio Copy version 1.3, and edited with Audacity version 2.0.1. Audio masters were created as 16-bit/44.1kHz WAV format and derivatives in MP3 format, 320 kbps, constant. 2014 ssm1993-11-17A
dc.contributor.composer Josquin, des Prez, -1521
dc.type.genre pamphlets
dc.type.genre concerts
dc.type.dcmi Text
dc.type.dcmi Sound
dc.format.digitalOrigin reformatted digital

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