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    • Publication Culture in Computing Research 

      Mehlhorn, Kurt; Vardi, Moshe Y.; Herbstritt, Marc (2012)
      The dissemination of research results is an integral part of research and hence a crucial component for any scientific discipline. In the area of computing research, there have been raised concerns recently about its publication culture, most notably by highlighting the high priority of conferences (compared to journals in other disciplines) and ...
    • Statistically Adrift: Why A Central Conclusion in Academically Adrift is Faulty 

      Lane, David; Oswald, Fred; Department of Psychology (2012)
      One of the most cited findings reported in the book Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses by Arum and Roska is that 45 percent of the students did not show a statistically significant gain in critical thinking. In this paper we show that the significance tests were conducted incorrectly and that it would be very unlikely for any ...