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    • Cooperation and Co-optation in Transnational Activism 

      Howe, Cymene (2010)
      Cooperation and co-optation, despite their shared prefixes, seem to suggest very different approaches to establishing coalitions, politics and sociality. Where cooperation suggests prioritizing collective knowledge - shared ways of thinking, being and doing - co-optation is often understood as a kind of political thievery, usurping the politics, ...
    • Linear Temporal Logic and Linear Dynamic Logic on Finite Traces 

      De Giacomo, Giuseppe; Vardi, Moshe Y. (2013)
      In this paper we look into the assumption of interpreting LTL over finite traces. In particular we show that LTLf, i.e., LTL under this assumption, is less expressive than what might appear at first sight, and that at essentially no computational cost one can make a significant increase in expressiveness while maintaining the same intuitiveness of ...
    • The Networked Classroom 

      Lane, David M.; Atlas, Robert S. (1996)
    • Regular Real Analysis 

      Chaudhuri, Swarat; Sankaranarayanan, Sriram; Vardi, Moshe Y. (2013)
      We initiate the study of regular real analysis, or the analysis of real functions that can be encoded by automata on infinite words. It is known that ω-automata can be used to represent {relations} between real vectors, reals being represented in exact precision as infinite streams. The regular functions studied here constitute the functional ...
    • Remembering Henry: Refugeed Slaves in Civil War Texas 

      McDaniel, W. Caleb (2014)
      These are the prepared remarks for a talk at the 2014 OAH Annual Meeting in Atlanta, originally entitled "Refugeed Slaves and the Confederate Rehearsal for Reconstruction." The paper was part of a panel on New Perspectives on African American Mobility in the American South, chaired by Richard Blackett with comments from Yael Sternhell.
    • Simulating Transport and Adsorption of Organic Contaminants in 3D Porous Activated Carbon Block Media 

      Kim, Jun; Morgott, Amanda; Wu, Ziqi; Hopaluk, Liane; Miles, Michael; (2019)
      To evaluate the organic contaminants removal performance of hollow cylindrical block-shaped porous activated carbon media, COMSOL Multiphysics® simulation software with Chemical Engineering module was used. The study clearly demonstrates how each organic compound in a steady-state fluid is dynamically transported in the three-dimensional porous media ...
    • Solving Partial-Information Stochastic Parity Games 

      Nain, Sumit; Vardi, Moshe Y. (2013)
      We study one-sided partial-information 2-player concurrent stochastic games with parity objectives. In such a game, one of the players has only partial visibility of the state of the game, while the other player has complete knowledge. In general, such games are known to be undecidable, even for the case of a single player (POMDP). These undecidability ...