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    • Intersubband plasmons in the quantum limit in gated and aligned carbon nanotubes 

      Yanagi, Kazuhiro; Okada, Ryotaro; Ichinose, Yota; Yomogida, Yohei; Katsutani, Fumiya; Gao, Weilu; Kono, Junichiro (2018)
      Confined electrons collectively oscillate in response to light, resulting in a plasmon resonance whose frequency is determined by the electron density and the size and shape of the confinement structure. Plasmons in metallic ...
    • Isotropic Seebeck coefficient of aligned single-wall carbon nanotube films 

      Fukuhara, Kengo; Ichinose, Yota; Nishidome, Hiroyuki; Yomogida, Yohei; Katsutani, Fumiya; Komatsu, Natsumi; Gao, Weilu; Kono, Junichiro; Yanagi, Kazuhiro (2018)
      How the morphology of a macroscopic assembly of nanoobjects affects its properties is a long-standing question in nanomaterials science and engineering. Here, we examine how the thermoelectric properties of a flexible thin ...