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    • Critical Uncertainties and Gaps in the Environmental- and Social-Impact Assessment of the Proposed Interoceanic Canal through Nicaragua 

      Huete-Pérez, Jorge A.; Ortega-Hegg, Manuel; Urquhart, Gerald R.; Covich, Alan P.; Vammen, Katherine; Rittmann, Bruce E.; Miranda, Julio C.; Espinoza-Corriols, Sergio; Acevedo, Adolfo; Acosta, María L.; Gómez, Juan P.; Brett, Michael T.; Hanemann, Michael; Härer, Andreas; Incer-Barquero, Jaime; Joyce, Frank J.; Lauer, J. Wesley; Maes, Jean Michel; Tomson, Mason B.; Meyer, Axel; Montenegro-Guillén, Salvador; Whitlow, W. Lindsay; Schnoor, Jerald L.; Alvarez, Pedro J.J. (2016)
      The proposed interoceanic canal will connect the Caribbean Sea with the Pacific Ocean, traversing Lake Nicaragua, the major freshwater reservoir in Central America. If completed, the canal would be the largest infrastruc ...