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    • Pathway structure determination in complex stochastic networks with non-exponential dwell times 

      Li, Xin; Kolomeisky, Anatoly B.; Valleriani, Angelo (2014)
      Analysisᅠof complexᅠnetworksᅠhas been widely used as a powerful tool for investigating various physical, chemical, and biological processes. To understand the emergentᅠpropertiesᅠof these complex systems, one of the most ...
    • Stochastic Kinetics on Networks: When Slow Is Fast 

      Li, Xin; Kolomeisky, Anatoly B.; Valleriani, Angelo (2014)
      Most chemical and biological processes can be viewed as reaction networks in which different pathways often compete kinetically for transformation of substrates into products. An enzymatic process is an example of such ...
    • Unveiling the hidden structure of complex stochastic biochemical networks 

      Valleriani, Angelo; Li, Xin; Kolomeisky, Anatoly B. (2014)
      Complex Markov models is a widely used and powerful predictive tool to analyze stochastic biochemical processes. When, however, the network of states is unknown, it is necessary to extract information from the data to ...