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    • Bistability and oscillations in co-repressive synthetic microbial consortia 

      Sadeghpour, Mehdi; Veliz-Cuba, Alan; Orosz, Gábor; Josić, Krešimir; Bennett, Matthew R. (2017)
      Background: Synthetic microbial consortia are conglomerations of genetically engineered microbes programmed to cooperatively bring about population-level phenotypes. By coordinating their activity, the constituent strains ...
    • Majority sensing in synthetic microbial consortia 

      Alnahhas, Razan N.; Sadeghpour, Mehdi; Chen, Ye; Frey, Alexis A.; Ott, William; Josić, Krešimir; Bennett, Matthew R. (2020)
      As synthetic biocircuits become more complex, distributing computations within multi-strain microbial consortia becomes increasingly beneficial. However, designing distributed circuits that respond predictably to variation ...
    • Stability of Systems with Stochastic Delays and Applications to Genetic Regulatory Networks 

      Gomez, Marcella M.; Sadeghpour, Mehdi; Bennett, Matthew R.; Orosz, Gábor; Murray, Richard M. (2016)
      The dynamics of systems with stochastically varying time delays are investigated in this paper. It is shown that the mean dynamics can be used to derive necessary conditions for the stability of equilibria of the stochastic ...