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    • NaFe0.56Cu0.44As: A Pnictide Insulating Phase Induced by On-Site Coulomb Interaction 

      Matt, C.E.; Xu, N.; Lv, Baiqing; Ma, Junzhang; Bisti, F.; Park, J.; Shang, T.; Cao, Chongde; Song, Yu; Nevidomskyy, Andriy H.; Dai, Pengcheng; Patthey, L.; Plumb, N.C.; Radovic, M.; Mesot, J.; Shi, M. (2016)
      In the studies of iron pnictides, a key question is whether their bad-metal state from which the superconductivity emerges lies in close proximity with a magnetically ordered insulating phase. Recently, it was found that ...