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    • Functional interplay between SA1 and TRF1 in telomeric DNA binding and DNA–DNA pairing 

      Lin, Jiangguo; Countryman, Preston; Chen, Haijiang; Pan, Hai; Fan, Yanlin; Jiang, Yunyun; Kaur, Parminder; Miao, Wang; Gurgel, Gisele; You, Changjiang; Piehler, Jacob; Kad, Neil M.; Riehn, Robert; Opresko, Patricia L.; Smith, Susan; Tao, Yizhi Jane; Wang, Hong (2016)
      Proper chromosome alignment and segregation during mitosis depend on cohesion between sister chromatids. Cohesion is thought to occur through the entrapment of DNA within the tripartite ring (Smc1, Smc3 and Rad21) with ...
    • Orsay δ protein is required for non-lytic viral egress 

      Yuan, Wang; Zhou, Ying; Fan, Yanlin; Tao, Yizhi J.; Zhong, Weiwei (2018)
      Nonenveloped gastrointestinal viruses, such as human rotavirus, can exit infected cells from the apical surface without cell lysis. The mechanism of such nonlytic exit is poorly understood. The nonenveloped Orsay virus is ...