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    • Developing a Reliable Mouse Model for Cancer Therapy-Induced Cardiovascular Toxicity in Cancer Patients and Survivors 

      Ko, Kyung Ae; Wang, Yin; Kotla, Sivareddy; Fujii, Yuka; Vu, Hang Thi; Venkatesulu, Bhanu P.; Thomas, Tamlyn N.; Medina, Jan L.; Gi, Young Jin; Hada, Megumi; Grande-Allen, Jane; Patel, Zarana S.; Milgrom, Sarah A.; Krishnan, Sunil; Fujiwara, Keigi; Abe, Jun-Ichi (2018)
      BACKGROUND: The high incidence of cardiovascular events in cancer survivors has long been noted, but the mechanistic insights of cardiovascular toxicity of cancer treatments, especially for vessel diseases, remain unclear. ...