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    • Yield strength dependence on strain rate of molybdenum-alloy nanofibers 

      Loya, P.E.; Xia, Y.Z.; Peng, C.; Bei, H.; Zhang, P.; (2014)
      The yield strength dependence on strain rate was studied for molybdenum-alloy nanofibers with varying initialᅠdislocationᅠdensity at three different pre-strain levels.ᅠIn-situᅠtensile experiments at three displacement rates were carried out in aᅠscanning electron microscope.ᅠYield strength and its scatter decreased as a function of the pre-strain ...
    • The Yoke Saying in the "Gospel of Thomas 90" 

      DeConick, April D. (1990-09)
    • Zinc Oxide Particles Induce Activation of the Lysosome–Autophagy System 

      Popp, Lauren; Segatori, Laura (2019)
      Metal-oxide-based materials are highly versatile and used in a wide variety of applications ranging from medical technology to personal care products. Generally recognized as safe by the US Food and Drug Administration, zinc oxide (ZnO) has been increasingly used in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, and commodity chemical industries. As a result, ...
    • ZipA Uses a Two-Pronged FtsZ-Binding Mechanism Necessary for Cell Division 

      Cameron, Todd A.; Vega, Daniel E.; Yu, Chenfei; Xiao, Han; Margolin, William (2021)
      In most bacteria, cell division is centrally organized by the FtsZ protein, which assembles into dynamic filaments at the division site along the cell membrane that interact with other key cell division proteins. In gammaproteobacteria such as Escherichia coli, FtsZ filaments are anchored to the cell membrane by two essential proteins, FtsA and ZipA. ...
    • β-YbAlB4: A Critical Nodal Metal 

      We propose a model for the intrinsic quantum criticality of β-YbAlB4, in which a vortex in momentum space gives rise to a new type of Fermi surface singularity. The unquenched angular momentum of the |J=7/2,mJ=±5/2⟩ Yb 4f states generates a momentum-space line defect in the hybridization between 4f and conduction electrons, leading to a quasi-two-dimensional ...
    • ΛΛ Correlation Function in Au+Au Collisions at √sNN=200  GeV 

      STAR Collaboration; Butterworth, J.; Eppley, G.; Geurts, F.; Llope, W.J.; (2015)
      We present ΛΛ correlation measurements in heavy-ion collisions for Au+Au collisions at √sNN=200  GeV using the STAR experiment at the Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collider. The Lednický-Lyuboshitz analytical model has been used to fit the data to obtain a source size, a scattering length and an effective range. Implications of the measurement of the ΛΛ ...
    • ρ0 photoproduction in AuAu collisions at √sNN=62.4 GeV measured with the STAR detector 

      STAR Collaboration; Eppley, G.; Geurts, F.; Liu, J.; Llope, W.J.; (2012)
      Vector mesons may be photoproduced in relativistic heavy-ion collisions when a virtual photon emitted by one nucleus scatters from the other nucleus, emerging as a vector meson. The STAR Collaboration has previously presented measurements of coherent ρ0 photoproduction at center of mass energies of 130 GeV and 200 GeV in AuAu collisions. Here, we ...