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    • Machine Learning and Medical Devices: The Next Step for Tissue Engineering 

      Pearce, Hannah A.; Mikos, Antonios G. (2021)
    • Machine Learning of Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Force Fields 

      Wang, Jiang; Olsson, Simon; Wehmeyer, Christoph; Pérez, Adrià; Charron, Nicholas E.; (2019)
      Atomistic or ab initio molecular dynamics simulations are widely used to predict thermodynamics and kinetics and relate them to molecular structure. A common approach to go beyond the time- and length-scales accessible with such computationally expensive simulations is the definition of coarse-grained molecular models. Existing coarse-graining ...
    • Machine Learning-Guided Three-Dimensional Printing of Tissue Engineering Scaffolds 

      Conev, Anja; Litsa, Eleni E.; Perez, Marissa R.; Diba, Mani; Mikos, Antonios G.; (2020)
      Various material compositions have been successfully used in 3D printing with promising applications as scaffolds in tissue engineering. However, identifying suitable printing conditions for new materials requires extensive experimentation in a time and resource-demanding process. This study investigates the use of Machine Learning (ML) for distinguishing ...
    • Machine-learning approach to the design of OSDAs for zeolite beta 

      Daeyaert, Frits; Ye, Fengdan; Deem, Michael W. (2019)
      We report a machine-learning strategy for design of organic structure directing agents (OSDAs) for zeolite beta. We use machine learning to replace a computationally expensive molecular dynamics evaluation of the stabilization energy of the OSDA inside zeolite beta with a neural network prediction. We train the neural network on 4,781 candidate OSDAs, ...
    • Macronutrient variability in human milk from donors to a milk bank: Implications for feeding preterm infants 

      John, Ashley; Sun, Ruichen; Maillart, Lisa; Schaefer, Andrew; Spence, Erin Hamilton; (2019)
      Background and objective: The composition of human milk varies widely and impacts the ability to meet nutrient requirements for preterm infants. The purpose of this study is to use a large dataset of milk composition from donors to a milk bank to: (1) describe the macronutrient variability in human milk and how it contributes to the ability to meet ...
    • Macroscopic Ensembles of Aligned Carbon Nanotubes in Bubble Imprints Studied by Polarized Raman Microscopy 

      We study the alignment of single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) in bubble imprints through polarized Raman microscopy. A hemispherical bubble containing SWCNTs is pressed against a glass substrate, resulting in an imprint of the bubble membrane with a coffee ring on the substrate. We find that macroscopic ensembles of aligned SWCNTs are obtained in ...
    • Macroscopic weavable fibers of carbon nanotubes with giant thermoelectric power factor 

      Komatsu, Natsumi; Ichinose, Yota; Dewey, Oliver S.; Taylor, Lauren W.; Trafford, Mitchell A.; (2021)
      Low-dimensional materials have recently attracted much interest as thermoelectric materials because of their charge carrier confinement leading to thermoelectric performance enhancement. Carbon nanotubes are promising candidates because of their one-dimensionality in addition to their unique advantages such as flexibility and light weight. However, ...
    • Magic 

      Fanger, Claire; Pollmann, Karla; Otten, Willemien (2013)
      This section of The Oxford Guide to the Historical Reception of Augustine explores magic. The author discusses: magic in Aug.'s thought; medieval reception-encyclopedic and legal; medieval reception-theological and philosophical; Renaissance magic and the Protestant Reformation; and modern academic and Max Weber.
    • Magma and Mineral Composition Response to Increasing Slab-Derived Fluid Flux: Nevado de Longaví Volcano, Southern Chilean Andes 

      Sellés, Daniel; Dungan, Michael; Langmuir, Charles; Rodríguez, Ana Carolina; Leeman, William P. (2022)
      Nevado de Longaví volcano (NLV), in the Southern-Central Chilean Andes, has erupted during the Holocene magmas with compositions that are in several ways atypical for the region. These characteristics include elevated La/Yb ratios in evolved magmas, in an area of only moderately thick crust, coupled with low concentrations of K, Th, and other ...
    • Magma flow between summit and Pu‘u ‘ Ō ‘ō at Kīlauea Volcano, Hawai‘i 

      [1] Volcanic eruptions are often accompanied by spatiotemporal migration of ground deformation, a consequence of pressure changes within magma reservoirs and pathways. We modeled the propagation of pressure variations through the east rift zone (ERZ) of Kılauea Volcano, Hawai‘i, caused by magma withdrawal during the early eruptive episodes (1983–1985) ...
    • Magmatic recharge in continental flood basalts: Insights from the Chifeng igneous province in Inner Mongolia 

      Yu, Xun; Lee, Cin-Ty A.; Chen, Li-Hui; Zeng, Gang (2015)
      Eruptive sequences can be used as windows into the thermal and chemical evolution of magma chambers. We examined a continuous vertical section of the Baichahe basalt flow associated with the late Cenozoic Chifeng flood basalt in Inner Mongolia, North China. From oldest to youngest, MgO increases, K2O, light rare earths and other incompatible elements ...
    • Magnesium controls aptamer-expression platform switching in the SAM-I riboswitch 

      Roy, Susmita; Hennelly, Scott P.; Lammert, Heiko; Onuchic, José N.; Sanbonmatsu, Karissa Y. (2019)
      Investigations of most riboswitches remain confined to the ligand-binding aptamer domain. However, during the riboswitch mediated transcription regulation process, the aptamer domain and the expression platform compete for a shared strand. If the expression platform dominates, an anti-terminator helix is formed, and the transcription process is active ...
    • Magnesium Fluctuations Modulate RNA Dynamics in the SAM-I Riboswitch 

      Experiments demonstrate that Mg2+ is crucial for structure and function of RNA systems, yet the detailed molecular mechanism of Mg2+ action on RNA is not well understood. We investigate the interplay between RNA and Mg2+ at atomic resolution through ten 2-μs explicit solvent molecular dynamics simulations of the SAM-I riboswitch with varying ion ...
    • A magnesium-induced triplex pre-organizes the SAM-II riboswitch 

      Roy, Susmita; Lammert, Heiko; Hayes, Ryan L.; Chen, Bin; LeBlanc, Regan; (2017)
      Our 13C- and 1H-chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) experiments previously revealed a dynamic exchange between partially closed and open conformations of the SAM-II riboswitch in the absence of ligand. Here, all-atom structure-based molecular simulations, with the electrostatic effects of Manning counter-ion condensation and explicit magnesium ...
    • Magnetic and Ising quantum phase transitions in a model for isoelectronically tuned iron pnictides 

      Considerations of the observed bad-metal behavior in Fe-based superconductors led to an early proposal for quantum criticality induced by isoelectronic P for As doping in iron arsenides, which has since been experimentally confirmed. We study here an effective model for the isoelectronically tuned pnictides using a large-N approach. The model contains ...
    • Magnetic and transport properties of the layered transition-metal pnictides R3T4As4O2−δ (R = La, Ce, Pr, Nd, and Sm, T = Ni, Cu) 

      The magnetic and transport properties of the novel R3T 4As4O2−δ (R = La, Ce, Pr, Nd and Sm, T = Ni and Cu) layered materials were studied using structural and physical properties measurements. Varying the rare-earth ion led to the observation of diverse physical properties including superconductivity for R = La and T = Ni, ferromagnetic or antiferromagnetic ...
    • Magnetic defects in chemically converted graphene nanoribbons: electron spin resonance investigation 

      Electronic spin transport properties of graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) are influenced by the presence of adatoms, adsorbates and edge functionalization. To improve the understanding of the factors that influence the spin properties of GNRs, local (element) spin-sensitive techniques such as electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy are important for ...
    • Magnetic Diagram of the High-Pressure Stabilized Multiferroic Perovskites of the BiFe1-yScyO3 Series 

      Fertman, Elena L.; Fedorchenko, Alexey V.; Čižmár, Erik; Vorobiov, Serhii; Feher, Alexander; (2020)
      Magnetic properties of the high-pressure stabilized perovskite BiFe1-yScyO3 phases (0.1 ≤ y ≤ 0.9) have been studied by means of magnetization measurements and neutron diffraction. The metastable perovskites of this series undergo irreversible polymorphic transformations upon annealing, the phenomenon referred to as conversion polymorphism. It has ...
    • Magnetic domain structures of focused ion beam-patterned cobalt films using scanning ion microscopy with polarization analysis 

      Li, J.; Rau, C.; Rice Quantum Institute; Center for Nanoscience and Technology (2004)
      Studies of magnetic domain distributions in patterned magnetic materials are of pivotal importance in the areas of ultrahigh density magnetic recording, MRAM design, and miniaturized magnetic sensor arrays. Scanning ion microscopy with polarizationanalysis (SIMPA) is used to perform in situ topographic and magnetic domain imaging and focused ion ...
    • Magnetic field directed assembly of two-dimensional fractal colloidal aggregates 

      The anisotropy of dipolar interactions can sometimes be a hindrance when assembling colloids, as it limits the diversity of structures that can be manufactured. Here we demonstrate that a mixture of paramagnetic and diamagnetic colloids in a ferrofluid can be used to create a variety of fractal aggregates in the presence of a field. These aggregates ...