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    • 2014 Annual Report 

      Baker Institute for Public Policy (2014)
    • 2014 Annual Report 

      Shell Center for Sustainability; Shell Center for Sustainability (2014)
    • The 2014 NRG Astrodome Survey 

      Jones, Mark P.; Granato, Jim; Murray, Richard; Cross, Renée; Mainka, Chris; (2014)
    • 2015 Annual Report 

      Shell Center for Sustainability; Shell Center for Sustainability (2015)
    • 2016 Annual Report 

      Baker Institute for Public Policy (2016)
    • 2016 Annual Report 

      Shell Center for Sustainability; Shell Center for Sustainability (2016)
    • 2017 Annual Report 

      Baker Institute for Public Policy (2017)
    • 2018 Annual Report 

      The Baker Institute (2018)
    • 2018 Houston Civic Health Index 

      Lappie, John; Coates, Jeff; Matthews, Lisa (2018)
      Commissioned by Houston Endowment, this study examines the state of civic health in Greater Houston (the Houston MSA) to better understand civic attitudes and behaviors as well as political participation. The objective of this report is to frame discussions with community leaders and local stakeholders about how to address and improve specific ...
    • 222Rn emanation measurements for the XENON1T experiment 

      XENON Collaboration (2021)
      The selection of low-radioactive construction materials is of utmost importance for the success of low-energy rare event search experiments. Besides radioactive contaminants in the bulk, the emanation of radioactive radon atoms from material surfaces attains increasing relevance in the effort to further reduce the background of such experiments. In ...
    • 25th Anniversary Article: Ordered Polymer Structures for the Engineering of Photons and Phonons 

      Lee, Jae-Hwang; Koh, Cheong Yang; Singer, Jonathan P.; Jeon, Seog-Jin; Maldovan, Martin; (2014)
      The engineering of optical and acoustic material functionalities via construction of ordered local and global architectures on various length scales commensurate with and well below the characteristic length scales of photons and phonons in the material is an indispensable and powerful means to develop novel materials. In the current mature status ...
    • 25th Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting: CNS-2016 

      Sharpee, Tatyana O; Destexhe, Alain; Kawato, Mitsuo; Sekulić, Vladislav; Skinner, Frances K; (2016)
    • 2D and 2.5D Kirchhoff Inversion Using Upwind Finite Difference Amplitudes 

      Araya, Kidane; Symes, William W. (1996-07)
      Finite difference solution of the transport equation provides an efficient and accurate method for computation of 2.5D geometric acoustics amplitudes. These amplitudes can be used in simulation, migration and inversion formulas. Remodeled data based on high frequency asymptotic inversion using these amplitudes shows excellent agreement with both ...
    • 2D material integrated macroporous electrodes for Li-ion batteries 

      Gullapalli, Hemtej; Kalaga, Kaushik; Vinod, Soumya; Rodrigues, Marco-Tulio F.; George, Antony; (2017)
      Three-dimensionally structured architectures are known to improve the performance of electrodes used in Li ion battery systems. In addition, integration of select 2D materials into 3D structures, for enhancing both electrical conductivity and electrochemical activity, will prove advantageous. Here a scalable one-step chemical vapor deposition technique ...
    • The 2nd DBCLS BioHackathon: interoperable bioinformatics Web services for integrated applications 

      Katayama, Toshiaki; Wilkinson, Mark D.; Vos, Rutger; Kawashima, Takeshi; Kawashima, Shuichi; (2011)
      Background: The interaction between biological researchers and the bioinformatics tools they use is still hampered by incomplete interoperability between such tools. To ensure interoperability initiatives are effectively deployed, end-user applications need to be aware of, and support, best practices and standards. Here, we report on an initiative ...
    • The 2nu-SVM: A Cost-Sensitive Extension of the nu-SVM 

      Davenport, Mark A. (2005-12-01)
      Standard classification algorithms aim to minimize the probability of making an incorrect classification. In many important applications, however, some kinds of errors are more important than others. In this report we review cost-sensitive extensions of standard support vector machines (SVMs). In particular, we describe cost-sensitive extensions of ...
    • 3-D Local Radon Power Spectra for Seismic Attribute Extraction 

      Steeghs, Philippe; Fokkema, Jacob T; Diephuis, Gerhard (1998-01-15)
      In this paper we discuss a method for volume attribute extraction that is based on a new type of local Radon power spectrum. The new algorithm results in robust and geologically meaningful volume attributes, such as volume dip and azimuth. Seismic volume attribute analysis greatly facilitates the interpretation of large 3-D seismic data volumes. ...
    • 3-D segmentation and volume estimation of radiologic images by a novel, feature driven, region growing technique 

      Agris, Jacob Martin (1992)
      Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging is a 3-D, multi-slice, radiological technique that acquires multiple intensities corresponding to each voxel. The transverse relaxation time, T$\sb1$, and the axial relaxation time, T$\sb2$, are two commonly obtained intensities that tend to be orthogonal. Automated segmentation of 3-D regions is very difficult because ...
    • 3-Dimensional spatially organized PEG-based hydrogels for an aortic valve co-culture model 

      Puperi, Daniel S.; Balaoing, Liezl R.; O'Connell, Ronan W.; West, Jennifer L.; Grande-Allen, K. Jane (2015)
      Physiologically relevant inᅠvitro models are needed to study disease progression and to develop and screen potential therapeutic interventions for disease. Heart valve disease, in particular, has no early intervention or non-invasive treatment because there is a lack of understanding the cellular mechanisms which lead to disease. Here, we establish ...
    • 37+ 

      Trotty, William M (2015-04-21)
      Walls are edges between two distinct entities; urban forms that attempt to express neutrality as infrastructure while firmly rejecting interaction between opposing constituencies. Walls are usually contiguous lines; establishing absolute boundaries and absolute limits. Belfast, Northern Ireland is no stranger to walls. Over 100 currently exist in ...