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    • T Cell Repertoire Diversity Is Decreased in Type 1 Diabetes Patients 

      Tong, Yin; Li, Zhoufang; Zhang, Hua; Xia, Ligang; Zhang, Meng; (2016)
      Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1D) is an immune-mediated disease. The autoreactive T cells in T1D patients attack and destroy their own pancreatic cells. In order to systematically investigate the potential autoreactive T cell receptors (TCRs), we used a high-throughput immune repertoire sequencing technique to profile the spectrum of TCRs in individual ...
    • "Tactic" as a subverse act to the proper or "institutional" 

      Lara, Jaime A. (2000)
      The thesis is the exploration of the urban vernacular and the "tactical" practices that redefine and reappropriate the "strategic", "proper", or institutional. The concern of the thesis lies in the "fringe", or "marginalized" areas of the city---the residual spaces that rely on "tactics" to attain a temporal, improvisational, and ephemeral quality. ...
    • Tagged Architecture and the Semantics Programming Languages: Extensible Types 

      Feustel, Edward A. (1975-11-20)
      This research note suggests that before we design hardware or software for the task of problem solving, we re-evaluate the task of problem solving in terms of the linguistic constituents which will be required and the manner in which these linguistic constituents will be combined. Utilizing the principles of composition and abstraction-to-specifics, ...
    • Tagged Architectures and Protection: Message Systems 

      Feustel, Edward A. (1975-10-20)
      Recent work in extensible programming languages and operating systems by Redell, Lampson, Hewitt, and others coupled with developments in distributed computer systems motivates a study in models of the implementation of protection on tagged architectures. an extension of the notions of message and actor as discussed in previous work provides and ...
    • Taguchi and Robust Optimization 

      Trosset, Michael W. (1996-10)
      This report is intended to facilitate dialogue between engineers and optimizers about the efficiency of Taguchi methods for robust design, especially in the context of design by computer simulation. Three approaches to robust design are described: 1)Robust optimization, i.e., specifying an objective function f and then minimizing a smoothed (robust) ...
    • Tailoring the Attraction of Polymers toward Surfaces 

      Stein, Gila E.; Laws, Travis S.; Verduzco, Rafael (2019)
      In polymer blends and block copolymers, one constituent (or segment type) is often enriched at the surface. This enrichment has important consequences for a variety of surface functions, including wettability, adhesive interactions, and fouling resistance, and can also influence the structure that forms deeper into the bulk. Herein, we review the ...
    • Taj Mahal, Distant view, exterior 

      Widrig, Walter M.
    • "Take it, You Can Have it": Grateful Dead Taping and the Idea of Open Access 

      Carlson, Scott (2014-11-12)
      Historians and commentators have long praised the Grateful Dead for their razor-sharp business acumen, especially the band’s audience taping policies. What started as way to stem the tide of bootlegs (while keeping a certain segment of the fan base happy) accidentally turned out to be an brilliant marketing tool, as well as a cornerstone of Deadhead ...
    • Taking People Inside the Music Eric Booth 

      Booth, Eric (2014)
      Eric Booth discusses ways that teaching artist musicians can engage audiences with taking them inside the music.
    • Taking Stock: Housing Trends in the Houston Area 

      Walker, Kelsey (2017)
      The Houston area confronts major demographic change and sustained population growth coupled with increasing economic inequality and quickly shifting development patterns. Providing a range of housing options that satisfy the preferences, needs and price points of all residents in this context is a major challenge. This report provides essential ...
    • Taking TrackBack Back (from Spam) 

      Gerecht, Paul; McDonald, Rob; Sandler, Dan; Wallach, Dan S. (2006-05-19)
      The TrackBack protocol, conceived as a way to automatically link together web sites which reference one another, has become a new vector for spammers wishing to divert web surfers to their sites. A site which supports TrackBack allows any entity to inject arbitrary HTML code, plus the URL of the sender, into its pages; an attacker need only follow ...
    • Tales from the crypt: a parasitoid manipulates the behaviour of its parasite host 

      Weinersmith, Kelly L.; Liu, Sean M.; Forbes, Andrew A.; Egan, Scott P. (2017)
      There are many examples of apparent manipulation of host phenotype by parasites, yet few examples of hypermanipulation—where a phenotype-manipulating parasite is itself manipulated by a parasite. Moreover, few studies confirm manipulation is occurring by quantifying whether the host's changed phenotype increases parasite fitness. Here we describe a ...
    • Tamim al-Dari 

      Cook, David (1998)
    • Taming the Beast Within: The Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission 

      Valdés, Cristopher Ballinas; James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy (2011)
    • Tannic Acid as a Small-Molecule Binder for Silicon Anodes 

      Sarang, Kasturi T.; Li, Xiaoyi; Miranda, Andrea; Terlier, Tanguy; Oh, Eun-Suok; (2020)
      Increasing demand for portable electronic devices, electric vehicles, and grid scale energy storage has spurred interest in developing high-capacity rechargeable lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). Silicon is an abundantly available anode material that has a theoretical gravimetric capacity of 3579 mAh/g and a low operating potential of 0–1 V vs Li/Li+. ...
    • TAP Channel Measurement: Fundamentals, Goals, and Plans 

      Steger, Christopher (2004-05-01)
      Before we can realize the potential of the TAP (Transit Access Point) project, we must first understand the channel in which we will operate. Specifically, very little information exists on the characteristics of elevated MIMO wireless channels at 2.4 GHz. Thus, we have chosen to produce our own measurement equipment and conduct a measurement campaign. ...