Recent Submissions

  • Colloquial Singapore English never 

    Leong Xue Wei, Amelia (2013-11)
    Negation in New Englishes has been a topic of great interest. However, although some general features of negation in New English varieties have been identified, few have investigated specific varieties and accounted for ...
  • The Typology of Uyghur Harmony and Consonants 

    Pattillo, Kelsie E. (2013-11)
    Descriptions of Uyghur phonology are unclear as to whether or not the front and back consonant assimilation of velar and uvular stops is a harmonic process (Comrie 1997; De Jong 2007; Engesæth et al. 2010; Friedrich 2002; ...
  • You say potato, I say tatws: The terrain of linguistic coexistence in Wales 

    Griffin, Jeffrey L. (2013-11)
    This study examines the linguistic coexistence in Wales of Welsh and English in public signage and other public spheres and the ongoing normalization of Welsh through a reorientation of the linguistic landscape. Concerted ...
  • Relative clauses in Asante Twi 

    McCracken, Chelsea (2013-11)
    Relative clauses in Twi, a Niger-Congo language spoken in Ghana, have received little attention in the literature. I examine a corpus of naturally-occurring relative clauses, collected from a native speaker living in ...
  • Interrogative particles in Nakh-Daghestanian languages 

    Forker, Diana (2013-11)
    This paper offers an analysis of interrogative particles in Nakh-Daghestanian languages, covering form, function and position of these particles in a wide range of languages. I show which particles occur in various question ...
  • Real-Time Trends in the Texas English Vowel System: F2 Trajectory in GOOSE as an Index of a Variety's Ongoing Delocalization 

    Hinrichs, Lars; Bohmann, Axel; Gorman, Kyle (2013-11)
    A complex process of change is underway in the Central Texas English GOOSE vowel. Koops (2010) describes it as the simultaneous operation of two qualitatively different fronting processes. One is a feature of traditional ...
  • Front Matter 

    RWPL, Vol. 4 (2013-11)