Recent Submissions

  • Defining Creativity: A View from the Arts 

    Brandt, Anthony K. (2021)
    Over several decades, novel-and-appropriate has become established as the standard definition of creativity; while allowing for variations in the exact wording, the requirement that creativity requires external validation of value, utility, etc. is largely unchallenged. This functions well in high consensus fields in which value can be empirically ...
  • Music and early language acquisition 

    Brandt, Anthony; Gebrian, Molly; Slevc, L. Robert; Frontiers Media (2012-09-11)
    Language is typically viewed as fundamental to human intelligence. Music, while recognized as a human universal, is often treated as an ancillary ability – one dependent on or derivative of language. In contrast, we argue that it is more productive from a developmental perspective to describe spoken language as a special type of music. A review ...