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dc.contributor.authorLiu, Jingbo
Mendis, Rajind
Mittleman, Daniel M. 2013-08-02T15:53:33Z 2013-08-02T15:53:33Z 2013-07-15
dc.identifier.citation J. Liu, R. Mendis and D. M. Mittleman, "A Maxwell’s fish eye lens for the terahertz region," Applied Physics Letters, vol. 103, 2013.
dc.description.abstract We implement a two-dimensional Maxwell’s fish eye lens using a waveguide-based artificial dielectric. The Maxwell’s fish eye lens consists of two metallic cylindrical plates sandwiching a free-space region, with the inner surface of one plate shaped into a hollow conical form. This lens has the capability to image terahertz beams from a source located at the edge (between the plates) to the diametrically opposite point on the edge, independent of the incident angle.
dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher American Institute of Physics
dc.title A Maxwell’s fish eye lens for the terahertz region
dc.type Journal article
dc.citation.journalTitle Applied Physics Letters
dc.citation.volumeNumber 103
dc.type.dcmi Text
dc.type.dcmi Text
dc.citation.firstpage 031104

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