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    • Male Scientists' Competing Devotions to Work and Family: Changing Norms in a Male-Dominated Profession 

      Damaske, Sarah; Ecklund, Elaine Howard; Lincoln, Anne E.; White, Virginia Johnston (2014)
      Using in-depth interviews with 74 men across different ranks in biology and physics at prestigious U.S. universities, the authors ask to what extent changing norms of fatherhood and a flexible workplace affect men working ...
    • Strategies Men Use to Negotiate Family and Science 

      Ecklund, Elaine Howard; Damaske, Sarah; Lincoln, Anne E.; White, Virginia Johnston (2017)
      Despite the growing research devoted to women in science, the connection made between family life and work by men in science is not fully known. Here we present results from interviews with 54 men who were selected from a ...