Recent Submissions

  • “Cinematography of Devices”: Harun Farocki’s Eye/Machine Trilogy 

    Blumenthal-Barby, Martin (2015)
    Harun Farocki’s 2001–2003 installation Eye/Machine tackles issues of surveillance surrounding the “intelligent” weapon systems deployed in the 1990/91 Gulf War. Farocki is especially interested in the image processing systems behind these weapons, their operational images that are both generated by machines and read by machines—images that require ...
  • Land, Race, and Citizenship: The Political Spaces of Monumentalism in South Africa 

    Emden, Christian J. (2013)
    This essay discusses the nature of (old and new) national monuments in post-apartheid South Africa which even now, twenty years after the first free elections, remains a democracy in transition. The discourse of monumentalism in transitional political systems is marked by concrete political interests that, in the case of South Africa, are centered ...