Velocity Relaxation in a Strongly Coupled Plasma

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Title: Velocity Relaxation in a Strongly Coupled Plasma
Author: Bannasch, G.; Castro, J.; McQuillen, P.; Pohl, T.; Killian, T.C.
Abstract: Collisional relaxation of Coulomb systems is studied in the strongly coupled regime. We use an optical pump-probe approach to manipulate and monitor the dynamics of ions in an ultracold neutral plasma, which allows direct measurement of relaxation rates in a regime where common Landau-Spitzer theory breaks down. Numerical simulations confirm the experimental results and display non-Markovian dynamics at early times.
Citation: Bannasch, G., Castro, J., McQuillen, P., Pohl, T. and Killian, T.C.. (2012). "Velocity Relaxation in a Strongly Coupled Plasma." Physical Review Letters, vol. 109. pp. 185008.
Date: 2012-11-02

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