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  • The Global Library 

    Spiro, Lisa (2008)
    Presentation about the global reach of digital libraries, given as part of the "International Treasures" panel at Fondren Library, November 2008.
  • Metababble: A Clash of Metadata Cultures 

    Henry, Geneva; Rivero, Monica (2009-06-22)
    A tension exists between making digitized resources available to users quickly and providing detailed, item-level metadata and semantic markup that make those resources more discoverable. The Our Americas Archive ...
  • Whisper: Supporting Knowledge Transfer for Academics 

    Slater, Mark David (2005-08-09)
    Today, despite decades of research, computer support for academic knowledge workers is fragmented and poorly integrated. While office automation and other forms of Computer Supported Collaborative Work(CSCW) ...
  • Whisper: The Role of Digital Libraries 

    Slater, Mark David (2005-08-09)