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    • What Does Your Data Need? 

      Carlson, Scott; Spiro, Lisa; Weimer, Kathy; Kipphut-Smith, Shannon (2015-09-25)
      What does research data need so that it can live on after the experiment is over? Challenges facing Rice researchers in successfully (and strategically) managing their research data include formulating an effective data ...
    • Whisper: Supporting Knowledge Transfer for Academics 

      Slater, Mark David (2005-08-09)
      Today, despite decades of research, computer support for academic knowledge workers is fragmented and poorly integrated. While office automation and other forms of Computer Supported Collaborative Work(CSCW) ...
    • Whisper: The Role of Digital Libraries 

      Slater, Mark David (2005-08-09)
    • Why I’m Excited (and a Little Worried) about the Digital Humanities 

      Spiro, Lisa (2010)
      A presentation on digital humanities given for the 2010 Rice Humanities Research Center Undergraduate Lecture Series: Big Questions and Future Directions in the Humanities. October 21, 2010
    • Why TEI? How Text Encoding Facilitates Research and Analysis 

      Spiro, Lisa (2008)
      Discusses how TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) can be used by archives and special collections libraries. Defines TEI and provides background on XML. Provides examples of how TEI can facilitate text analysis, placing ...