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    • Visualizing oil displacement with foam in a microfluidic device with permeability contrast 

      Conn, Charles A.; Ma, Kun; Hirasaki, George J.; Biswal, Sibani Lisa (2014)
      Foam mobility control and novel oil displacement mechanisms were observed in a microfluidic device representing a porous media system with layered permeability. Foam was pre-generated using a flow focusing microfluidic ...
    • Volcano-shape glycerol oxidation activity of palladium-decorated gold nanoparticles 

      Zhao, Zhun; Arentz, Joni; Pretzer, Lori A.; Limpornpipat, Pongsak; Clomburg, James M.; Gonzalez, Ramon; Schweitzer, Neil M.; Wu, Tianpin; Miller, Jeffrey T.; Wong, Michael S. (2014)
      Bimetallic PdAu catalysts are more active than monometallic ones for the selective oxidation of alcohols, but the reasons for improvement remain insufficiently detailed. A metal-on-metal material can probe the structure–catalysis ...