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    • Evolution-informed modeling improves outcome prediction for cancers 

      Liu, Li; Chang, Yung; Yang, Tao; Noren, David P.; Long, Byron; Kornblau, Steven; Qutub, Amina; Ye, Jieping (2016)
      Despite wide applications of high-throughput biotechnologies in cancer research, many biomarkers discovered by exploring large-scale omics data do not provide satisfactory performance when used to predict cancer treatment ...
    • Proteomic Profiling Identifies Distinct Protein Patterns in Acute Myelogenous Leukemia CD34+CD38- Stem-Like Cells 

      Kornblau, Steven M.; Qutub, Amina; Yao, Hui; York, Heather; Qiu, Yi Hua; Graber, David; Ravandi, Farhad; Cortes, Jorge; Andreeff, Michael; Zhang, Nianxiang; Coombes, Kevin R. (2013)
      Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) is believed to arise from leukemic stem-like cells (LSC) making understanding the biological differences between LSC and normal stem cells (HSC) or common myeloid progenitors (CMP) crucial ...