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    • Chromosomal Arrangement of Phosphorelay Genes Couples Sporulation and DNA Replication 

      Narula, Jatin; Kuchina, Anna; Lee, Dong-yeon; Fujita, Masaya; Süel, Gürol M.; Igoshin, Oleg A. (2015)
      Genes encoding proteins in a common regulatory network are frequently located close to one another on the chromosome to facilitate co-regulation or couple gene expression to growth rate. Contrasting with these observations, ...
    • Slowdown of growth controls cellular differentiation 

      Narula, Jatin; Kuchina, Anna; Zhang, Fang; Fujita, Masaya; Süel, Gürol M.; Igoshin, Oleg A. (2016)
      How can changes in growth rate affect the regulatory networks behavior and the outcomes of cellular differentiation? We address this question by focusing on starvation response in sporulating Bacillus subtilis. We show ...
    • Ultrasensitivity of the Bacillus subtilis sporulation decision 

      Narula, Jatin; Devi, Seram N.; Fujita, Masaya; Igoshin, Oleg A. (2012)
      Starving Bacillus subtilis cells execute a gene expression program resulting in the formation of stress-resistant spores. Sporulation master regulator, Spo0A, is activated by a phosphorelay and controls the expression of ...